September 26, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Sound Waves: Cold Cutz Remixes 2"

DJ JS-1 "Cold Cutz Remixes 2" 
79 minutes of exclusive turntable remixes... 

In the mid 90's myself and Dj Spinbad did the "Cold Cutz Remixes (If I Ruled The Radio)" mixtape. We made that mixtape on broken 4-track-cassette recorders. We remixed tons of acapellas, and every song on the mixtape was an exclusive blend we did using turntables only. We re-scratched the song hooks, added sound fx, did some scratch interludes and really set the bar high for mixtape production. To date, that mixtape has reached tens of thousands of people and is considered one of the best mixtapes of all-time. This new mix was not supposed to be the specific part 2 to that mix, but it's done in a similar way and it is the "unofficial" part 2. There is ONLY acapella remixes on this new mix as well. I tried to use acapellas that we didn't use on the first one and also tried to squeeze in some rare ones too. There are some really great acapellas on here like The Symphony (Masta Ace verse), Peter Piper by Run Dmc, Full Clip by Gangstarr, Set It Off by Big Daddy Kane, Eric B is President by Eric B & Rakim, Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J, The Bitch in Yoo by Common, n more... A mix like this is completely opposite of many lazy djays' mixes that let songs play all the way and then talk or play sound fx in between every track. This involves soo much more, and is soo much more fun to make. I used hundreds of different beats and acapellas. 

Today most music has become free online and the mixtape game is not what it once was. It's easy to find thousands of mixtapes for free download, i know i posted all of mine for free download at: (
Sooo, with everything being free, in order to make it worthwhile for someone to possibly purchase a CD, I have continued to make mixes that i noticeable put lots of work into. All i really ask is that people spread the word and get these mixes out there. Please re-post this, email it to your friends, re-tweet this, etc... (There is the buttons to re-post on facebook and twiiter below this post) Lets keep the pressure on all those horrible djays out there and try to keep some respect, honor, dignity and skills to the mixtape legacy. 

Special Thanks to my friends and co-djays who gave me a few treats for this mix cd....  Dj Premier, JBX & Big City Records, Dj Eclipse & Fatbeats, Dj Riz, 
Mix Greens, Dj Young C, and Dj Ody Roc... they all contributed acapellas to this mix....

DJ JS-1's "Soundwave... Cold Cutz Remixes 2"
1 - intro
2 - the symphony (masta ace verse) vs work the angles (dilated peoples)
3 - crooklyn (special ed verse) vs suspect (big noyd), got it made (special ed), jeep ass nigga rmx (masta ace)
4 - mad izm (krs verse) vs bust ya shit (gangstarr), made u look (nas)
5 - hip hop junkies (craig nice verse) vs (ultramagnetic)
6 - tear da roof off (redman) vs unsolved mysterme (mysterme)
7 - rebel (public enemy) vs move something (blvd mosse), who's gonna take the weight (gangstarr)
8 - peter piper (run dmc) vs flashlight (parliament), rampage (epmd), (kid n play), straight out the jungle (jungle bros)
9 - rapper's delight (sugarhill gang) vs apache 
10 - men at work (kool g rap) vs poppa large (ultramagnetic), pelon (mc ses), know the ledge (rakim), no omega (rakim),
        scenario (a tribe called quest), take a rest (gangstarr)
11 - set it off (big daddy kane) vs bust a move (young mc)
12 - i used to love her (common) vs slow down (brand nubians), love comes n goes (edo g), passin' me by (pharcyde),
        pickin' booger (biz markie), lots of lovin' (pete rock & cl smooth), one love (nas), 
13 - life's a bitch (nas verse) vs shit iz real (diamond d)
14 - (pharoahe monch) vs build ya skillz (krs one)
15 - publicity (gza) vs dirty piano beat (alchemist)
16 - made u look (nas) vs 
17 - back down (50 Cent) vs stop the violence (Krs-one)
18 - get retarded (canibus) vs after dark (hiero)
19 - (Biggie) vs (Compton's Most Wanted)
20 - Tick Tick (Lords of the Underground) vs I just Wanna Chill (Large Professor)
21 - Respect Cost More Than Money (Percee P verse) vs Triumph (Wu Tang Clan)
22 - (Ghostface verse) vs Who Shot Ya (Biggie)
23 - Essentials (JS-1, Krs, Rahzel) vs Ufo, Made U Look (Nas), Sucker Mcees (Run Dmc), Lick The Balls (Slick Rick),
        Outta Here (krs-one), I Aint No Joke (Buckshot version), south bronx (bdp), return of the boom bap (krs-one), 
        jack of spades (bdp)
24 - stillmatic (nas) vs recognize & realize (big noyd) , still dre (dr dre), the fugitive (k solo), unbelievable (biggie)
25 - full clip (gangstarr) vs a day in the life (ditc)
26 - stakes is high (de la soul) vs role model (eminem)
27 - say something (edo g) vs the score (the fugees)
28 - the lah (freddie foxxx aka bumpy knuckles) vs punks jump up (brand nubians), tha shiznit (snoop dog), 
beg no friends (strictly roots)
29 - ny shit (busta rhymes) vs who got the props (blackmoon), checkmate (jadakiss), off the books (the beatnuts),
  on the run (kool g rap)
30 - funky technician (lord finesse) vs dippin' (king tee), here come the lords (lords of the underground)
31- boom (royce da 5'9") vs son get wreck (blackmoon)
32 - daaamn! (tha liks: tash verse) vs the R (rakim)
33 - cream team lineup (wu tang clan) vs road to the riches (kool g rap)
34 - paparazzi (xzibit) vs black man (king sun)
35 - (mop) vs duck down (krs-one)
36 - i'm flippin' (phd) vs so whatcha sayin' (epmd)
37 - elevators (outkast) vs 8 steps to perfection (company flow), let the bass go (d.o.c.)
38 - something got to give (royal fam) vs everything remains raw (busta rhymes)
39 - good combination (positive k) vs get your weight up (co-defendants), tha what (biggie)
40 - you ain't a killer (big pun) vs respect (biggie), queen bitch (lil kim)
41 - f*ck'n crazy (eminem) vs spit (showbiz & ag)
42 - john blaze (jadakiss & raekwon verses) vs 
43 - never no more (souls of mischief) vs get dis money (slum village)
44 - pick it up (redman) vs up against the wall (group home)
45 - kick in the door (biggie) vs work (gangstarr), the mc (krs-one)
46 - bboy document  '99 (mos def verse) vs appreciate (pete rock & cl smooth), how nice i am (world renown)
47 - serious (epmd) vs deep cover (dr dre)
48 - the message (grandmaster flash & furious five) - in control of things (yz), stop look listen (mc lyte), 
time to flow (d nice)
49 - the bitch in yoo (common) vs wild for the night (rampage), good day (ice cube), bop gun (parliament)
50 - juicy (biggie) vs the hiatus (diamond d)
51 - 10% diss (mc lyte) vs it's yourz (wu tang clan)
52 -  the symphony (kool g rap verse) vs what we do (freeway)
53 - my adidas (run dmc) vs 4,3,2,1 (LL Cool J)
54 - strong island (jvc force) vs 4 alarm blaze (MOP)
55 - eric b is president (rakim) vs let's get high (dr dre), goin' back to cali (biggie), i can't wait (spyder d), 
the rebel (tragedy)
56 - all for one (grand puba verse) vs blue cheese (umc's), it's on (naughty by nature)
57 - mama said knock you out (LL Cool J) vs go stetsa (stetsasonic), the big payback (epmd),
  buck whylin' (terminatorx), 
        protect ya neck (wu tang clan), not gonna be able to do it (double x posse)
58 - outro - live at the bbq (main source)

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September 3, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Live From HeadQCourterz 8/20/10"

DJ JS-1 "Live From HeadQcourterz" (8/20/10)

Two weeks ago on August 20th, 2010, i filled in for DJ Premier on his Live From HeadQCourterz Show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. He was in California performing at Rock The Bells. It's always cool to do a radio show and play new hiphop. With stores like FatBeats closing we are losing more and more avenues to get new independent hiphop to the public. With major radio and club djays NEVER supporting new hiphop, at least there are these type of satellite shows that do. Sooo, i picked my favorite new songs of that week and cut them up live friday night... This version, i edited out the first few talk breaks so it's all music straight through. It's 90 minutes long. I hope you enjoy it. I know tons of people are downloading my mixes, which is great, i never would have expected it to be soo many. Ive got tens of thousands of downloads, which is incredible, but we must remember, these r just mixtapes (which people used to pay for, LOL), but many of us also make albums that we sell. This is our livelyhood, we spend time and money, and we dont expect others to do their jobs for free. Please go out and buy a new indie hiphop album in between spending a week's salary on a HORRIBLE pop concert with JayZ & Eminem.... c'mon son, lol.  Support new independent hiphop.... go to: & where you can purchase physical copies of new albums on vinyl and cd, with artwork and bonus dvd's, etc....

1 - Live From HeadQCourterz intro
2 - Let Em Know - Bun B & Dj Premer 
3 - Ill BIll TV - Dj Muggs & Ill Bill 
4 - Never Matter To You - Raekwon feat Bun B
5 - Vally of Death - Fat Joe
6 - Drink The Kool-Aid - Ice Cube
7 - Hammers On Deck - Agallah feat Sadat X
8 - Pain - CNN
9 - Important Fact - Black Sheep feat Pyscho Les
10 - Observatory - Rakaa feat Mad Lion
11 - NY to LA: Respect the Flow - Nutsp feat Jay Rock
12 - Infected - AG
13 - With Me - CNN feat Nas
14 - People Are Running - 1982 (Statik Selektah & Termanology)
15 - Cold Blood - The Game
16 -  Kill 'Em All - Vinnie Paz feat Beanie Sigel
17 - Epic - Dynasty & Dj Premier
18 - For The Love - Nutso feat Reef
19 - House of Wolves - MOP
20 - About Me (remix) - Raekwon feat The Game
21 - Cut U Up - Reef The Lost Cauze
22 - Bad Day - Vinnie Paz
23 - Hustlin' - Grand Daddy IU
24 - Knowledge Reigns Supreme - KRS-ONE
25 - The Lick - Murs & 9th Wonder
26 - No Rap Kidz - Rah Digga
27 - Bronx Niggaz - Big Pun
28 - Goin' Back - 1982 feat Cassidy & Xzibit
29 - Say It Like It Really Is - Public Enemy
30 - The Agenda (Marco Polo Remix) - BrownBag Allstars
31 - It's A Shame - Branespark feat Nutso
32 - Not Impressed - Cold Heat feat JS1 & Dj Premier
33 - Goldyn Child 2 - Rass Kass
34 - Sing Like Bilal - Joell Ortiz & Dj Premier
35 - Terra of Rap - Canibus & Dj Premier
36 - talk break w Panchi, King of Chill, Keebler...
37 - The Return Of DST - De La Soul 
38 - Ending.... for ton of free mixes!!!

July 24, 2010

DJ JS-1 & DJ SKIZZ "RE_CYCLED : strictly remixes"

Dj Skizz of The Halftime Radio Show, and myself, DJ JS-1, got together to do another classic mix... (if you didnt already download "REPROGRAM" our first mixtape, check the older posts n download it!) So this time around we decided to do a full mix using ONLY remixes. Many of these remixes are rare, uncommon, or not played out. We tried to narrow it down to remixes we personally liked because there is soo many. Most of these tracks are from the 90's era. We did miss a few, but there's always vol 2. Sooo, while many other djays are lazy with wack music knowledge, i do everything i can to keep bringing you good music, classic tracks, some rare hiphop, and never jumping ship to play cornball commercial nonsense. I hope you enjoy and appreciate our mixes... please repost, re-blast, retweet, and tell a friend... thank you. DJ JS-1... Rock Steady Crew...

June 10, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Live from HeadQcourterz 6/4/10"

                                        For the next few weeks, DJ Premier is on tour in australia and asia along with Masta Ace, Edo G, The Beatnuts & Marco Polo. So he asked me to fill-in on Friday, June 4th, and Dj Eclipse will be doing the next few shows.  Here is the entire 2 hour show with all the latest hip hop treats that i personally picked to play... shout outs to ron mills, panchi, keebler, king of chill, lord roc, pete rock, dj eclipse, gordon, and of course Dj Premier for allowing me to do what i do...  on another note, my new album is pretty much complete and this fall is gonna be great...  although, NO ONE CARES...

more treats from krs, blaq poet, mop, black thought, rass kass, oc, jeru, ill bill, slaine, sick jacken, ruste juxx, craig g, tonedeff, pack fm, coldheat, torae, eternia, guilty simpson, nutso, illa ghee, sabac, mecca, bekay, poison pen, sadat x, akil, freestyle, brownbag allstars, c rayz walz, lifelong, steven king, sav killz, ag, rahzel, punchline, icon the mic king, akrobatik, dj eclipse, homeboy sandman, mr cheeks, tanya morgan, and more.... 


1- stop in the name of love break- margie joseph
2 - who da best - KRS-one & JS1
3- spit six - big shug
4-ballad of black gold - reflection eternal
5-i am king - mf grimm
6-ah yeah - eloheem
7-put the beats on em - bumpy knuckles & static selektah
8-i f*ckin hate rappers - pack fm
9-pyramids - religion & planet asia
10-frontline - WC
11-turn it up - roc c & illa j
*talk break n insanity...
12-superman - diamond d
13-crate diggaz - blacastan
14-we on it - grand daddy iu
15-watch your step - marco polo & ruste juxx
16-clout - erick sermon & krs-one
*talk break 2 w Premier live from Texas
17-wolf - krs-one
18-ambitions of a writer - kvbeats & chanson
19-hardbody dj skizz rmx - mickey knox & concept feat illa ghee, big noyd
20-dopeman music - scarface
21-defsquadsong - erick sermon & redman
22-in the red - reflection eternal
23-no more - ton & adam bomb
24-the dream - lil dap
25-concrete bars - lord ron & c ray walz
26-styles aint raw - celph titled (chino xl verse)
27-aftermath - kil ripkin
28-the reserves - CNN & Raekwon
29-apollo creed - lateb & slaine
30-revenge - little brother feat truck north & median
*talk break 3 and some callers...
31-real mc's - soulbrothas (blaq poet, nygz, krumb snatcha)
32-how can you be so sure - blacastan
33-one question - cold heat
34-which one - jon hope
35-why am i still here - AG
36-blue collar mc's - cool sphere & AZ
37-at last - eternia feat termanology & reef
38-release yourself - rass kass
39-so tired - nutso
*last talk break, closing out into last song...
40-i swear on a stack of old hits - son of bazerk

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May 4, 2010

DJ JS-1 "One of the Best Yet: GURU tribute"

I have never done a tribute mix before and personally never felt the need to do one. Many times when someone passes away, everyone does a tribute mix and it's basically an attempt to bring attention to their own name, sell a few mixtapes, etc… Especially the djays who don't normally support or play music from the artist who passed away. A few corny radio stations that NEVER play any guru records were playing his songs all day when he died, and then right back to Wocka Flocka the next day… When i found out Guru had died i was miserable for a few reasons. First, im always miserable, lol, second because Guru is easily one of the few Mcees i have listened to the most in my lifetime. The countless songs and style of music he helped pioneer along with dj premier, is pretty much the reason why any of us who still play "real" hiphop are still around.  Can you imagine a world without Gangstarr albums? I might have killed myself in 89 instead of 2011. Guru's voice and what he was saying just reached out to all of us and grabbed us in for life. The way he complimented premier's beats, just an mc and an actual dj, not a drug dealer acting like a dj. It was incredible. A simple, monotone style… And that's what makes him even better. It's a lot easier to hold someone's ear and look better than you are with over-the-top flows and exaggerated vocals, but he made hundreds of classics and kept it straight forward, simple and with his unique monotone style. The way Gangstarr and then later Jazzmatazz incorporated jazz samples and then jazz players was also the start of a way of life for many kids. How many of you have dug through jazz records that you would have NEVER thought of listening too, stoned outta your face, loving some Gangstarr soundin' loops… We used to blast the first jazzmatazz album. Take A Look, Respect The Architect, Watch The Closing doors, etc… Guru kicked knowledge, street shit, personal stuff, and made records for women that men also liked. It would be really hard for someone to match his catalog and life long achievements on record while maintaining such a high level of musical integrity. Always the dopest hip hop beats on Gangstarr albums, and always the highest level of jazz-hiphop fusion on his Jazzmatazz series. So obviously I'm a huge GURU fan and have purchased countless tapes, cd's, and vinyl over and over and over again… 
When i found out he passed away i thought about how i would never hear another Gangstarr album again and that REALLY sucks… We listened to No More Mr Nice Guy, Step In the Arena, Daily Operation, etc soooooo much. 
I starting thinking of all the Guru tracks, etc… I knew tons of people would be doing tribute's, probably all named the same as mine, lol, but i still felt awkward doing a tribute mix. I did speak to Premier about it, and he said i might as well, and that did make me feel a lil better about it. I just want this particular style of hiphop to be heard as much as possible and not forgotten. I thought i have a good amount of Guru classics, album cuts, and side projects to be able to do a worthy mix. I set aside approx 100 songs i personally liked. There is many i missed, skipped over, etc.. So i did the mix originally for the first time on (it's still there, my guru mix, live from my house….) Then i decided to make the live mix into an actual mixtape… So here is what i quickly put together. I did do a bunch of work on this but i had to rush it. I am off to do shows and don't have enough time. some levels may be a bit off, etc..
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i do. I truly love this music….  This is what we do. 

DJ JS-1 "One of the Best Yet: Guru Tribute Mix"

1 - intro (first step)
2 - game plan
3 - jazzalude
4 - in memory of
5 - name tag (premier & the guru)
6 - moment of truth
7 - the lesson
8 - execution of chump
9 - ex girl to the next girl
10 - ex girl to the next girl remix
11 - the planet
12 - take a look at yourself
13 - above the clouds
14 -love sick
15 - try to make a fool of me
16 - do in advance
17 - all 4 the ca$h
18 - knowledge
19 - a long way to go
20 - credit is due
21 - take 2 and pass
22 - salute part 2
23 - royalty
24 - you know my steez
25 - you know my steez remix
26 - gotta get over remix
27 - mostly tha voice
28 - what i'm here 4
29 - down the line
30 - it's getting hectic
31 - better half
32 - for of intellect
33 - work 
34 - respect the architect
35 - 2 deep
36 - 2 deep remix
37 - blown' up da spot
38 - new york straight talk
39 - bust ya shit b.y.s.
40 - back 2 back
41 - the militia
42 - the ? remains
43 - full clip
44 - tonz o gunz
45 - home
51 - dedication
52 - to be a champion
53 - check the technique
54 - rock dis funky joint pt 2
55 - the legacy
56 - false prophets
57 - lift your fist
58 - manifest 
59 - mass appeal
60 - soliloquy of chaos
61 - i'm not superman
62 - code of the streets
63 - code of the streets remix
64 - speak ya clout
65 - battle
66 - i'm the man 
67 - step in the arena
68 - cuz i'm jazzy
69 - state of clarity
70 - a bunch of niggaz
71 - take it personal
72 - now you're mine
73 - brainstorm
74 - illest brother
75 - dwyck horny mix
76 - comin' foor datazz
77 - no time to play
78 - trust me
79 - loungin'
80 - much too much
81 - jazz thing
82 - skillz
83 - feel the music
84 - le bien, le mal
85 - just ta get a rep
86 - bust a move boy
87 - no more mr. nice guy
88 - take a rest
89 - who's gonna take the weight
90 - gusto
91 - le tempo
92 - bboy mastermind
93 - here's the proof
94 - the meaning of the name
95 - play dat beat
96 - cave in
97 - 2 steps ahead
98 - the end….

Shout out to everyone who did a worthy tribute mix and to everyone who feels like i do and really does support this type of music.
There is other dope GURU tributes you can download: (google them, will pop right up!)
Dj Premier Livefromheadqcourterz blog
DJ Slynkee 
Statik Selektah
Phat Phillie
Halftime Radio ustream
Guru R.i.P.
rest in peace to ajile turner, roc raida, mr magic…
rock steady crew
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March 31, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Soul Assassins Break Mix 2"

This is part 2 of my original samples n breaks mix that i did on Muggs' & Mr Choc's West Wing show on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We were in Cali recording an album, i basically woke up, wake-n-bake and jumped into a 2 hour breaks set with no headphones... The part 1 is also available for download below. Part 1 has more popular samples you probably know or heard, and part 2 is for the more experienced listener... lol..  once again, shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg, General Mils... now go slap someone!!!

*i am not posting a tracklisting for sample/break sets... find them yourself!!!

DJ JS-1 "Soul Assassins Break Mix 1"

In the fall of 2009 while working on an album out in Cali with Muggs, MixMaster Mike, and Rahzel, we took some time out to do the Soul Assassins' West Wing show that airs on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We recorded early in the morning, around 10am, and after a loooong wake-n-bake session, i did about two hours of original samples n breaks. This is part 1 of the mix. This segment has tons of original samples (more popular ones that you might have heard before...part 2 has some more rare samples....) Shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg and General Mils.... 

*i am not posting a tracklisting for breaks/samples mixes... find em yourself! 

DJ JS-1 & Spinbad "R & B Blends"

This mixtape i made with Spinbad in the late 90's i think. Probably 98 or so? It was only released on cassette in limited amounts. We never pressed this on CD or released it officially. It is fairly rare. The whole mixtape is exclusive blends we did using only turntables. This was before idiots used the word "mash-up" to make themselves feel like they invented something that djays been doing forever already...
1-tell me - groove theory
2-just one of deem days - monica
3-walk on by - d. warwick
4-i like it - jomanda
5-ain't nuthin' goin' on but the rent - g. guthrie
6-hey mr dj - zhane
7-friends - jody watley
8-real love - mary j bilge
9-do you wanna get funky - cc music factory
10-nasty - janet jackson
11-freak and you know it - adina howard
12-heartbeat - t. gardner
13-puttin' a rush on me - stephanie mills
14-one in a million - aaliyah
15-swing my way - kip & envy
16-my boo - ghosttown djays
17-saturday - cherrelle
18-is it good to you - t. riley & t. lucas
19-that's the way love goes - janet jackson
20-feels so good - davina
21-creep - TLC
22-someone - SWV
23-on & on - erykah badu
24- i wanna be down - brandy
25-you make me wanna - usher
26-fulton street - leshea
27-what about us - total
28-no diggedy - black street
29-touch me tease me - case
30-dont let go - en vogue
31-no no no pt 2 - destiny child
32-im not feeling you - yvette michelle
33-head over heels - allure
34-return of the mack - mark morrison
35-freak like me - adina howard
36-the boy is mine - brandy/monica
37-my way - usher
38-this is how we do it - montell jordan
39-request line - zhane
40-love will never do - janet jackson
41-too close - next
42-dont walk away - jade
43-too hype - entouch
44-bad - michael jackson
Every track is an exclusive blend… beats used by Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Slick Rick, Gangstarr, Cypress Hill, Das Efx,
Goodie Mob, DMX, Craig Mack, Cam'ron, Biz Markie, Boogie Down Productions, Biggie, Special Ed, James Brown, and many more...

March 16, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Listening Pleasures 2 Mix"

"This is a mix i did a while ago in 1997 i think. This was never meant to be released. It was made for myself and a few close friends to listen to. I never pressed this on cassette, cd, or digitally dropped it. This is the first time it is being heard by anyone outside of my friends... "

1-nice n smooth - dope not hype
2-intelligent hoodlum - arrest the president scratch break
3-house of pain feat diamond d - word is bond remix
4-lord finesse feat big l - yes you may remix
5-rakim - i get visual
6-lord finesse feat percee p - kicking flavor w my man
7-3rd bass feat nice n smooth - microphone techniques
8-beat this scratch interlude
9-redman feat erick sermon - watch yo nugget
10-4 my peeps - red hot lover tone, biggie, m.o.p., prince po
11-masta ace - mad wunz
12-big daddy kane - mortal combat
13-ultramagnetic mc's - break north
14-heavy d feat big daddy kane, kool g rap, pete rock n cl smooth, q-tip, 
                               and grand puba - dont curse
15-pete rock n cl smooth - one in a million
16-grand puba - baby whats your name
17-tha alkaholiks - read my lips
side two:
18-maestro fresh wes feat percee p - pray to da east
19-it's like that - positive k
20-craig g - take the bait
21-gangstarr - to be a champion
22-phd feat cormega - set it off
23-main source - think
24-masta ace - i got ta
25-black, rock n ron - you can't do me none
26-kurious feat casual - what's the real?
27-BDP - kenny parker show
28-big daddy kane - put ya weight on it
29-cash money n marvelous - ugly people be quiet
30-jazzy jeff n fresh prince - hip hop dancer's theme
31-3rd bass - daddy rich in the land of 1200's
32-epmd - funky piano
33-low profile - aladdin's on a rampage

DJ JS-1 "You Should Be Dancin' 70's Mix"

"This is a classic mix of all popular 70's disco tracks. I did this mix in 1997 or 1998? It was only released in limited amount on cassette. I never pressed it on CD and never released it digitally. A lot of people always ask me about this mix but i only had it on a cassette until now.... "

side one:
1-pick up the pieces
2-brick house
3-ladies night
4-we are family
5-love rollercoaster
7-car wash
9-groove line
10-dont stop til you get enough
11-calypso breakdown
12-knock on wood
13-super freak
14-heaven must have sent you
15-born to be alive
16-boogie nights
18-a fifth of beethoven
19-hollywood swingin'
20-good times
21-bounce, rock, skate
22-that's the way i like it
23-get down tonight
24-stayin' alive
side two:
25-i will survive
26-hot stuff
27-you should be dancing
28-off the wall
29-second time around
30-i love the nightlife
31-take your time
32-bad mama jama
33-burn rubber on me
34-le freak
35-give it to me baby
37-heart of glass
38-ring my bell
39-boogie oogie oogie
40-turn the beat around
41-give it up turn it loose
42-im coming out
43-how deep is your love
44-more than a woman