February 27, 2010


*This is from mixes i did for SIRIUS SATELLITE RADIO's WAX CHANNEL, around 2004 or so... This was never released anywhere and pretty rare...

1- Murdergram intro - Above The Law
2- Get the Fuck Outta Dodge - Public Enemy
3- Get Away - Diamond D vs 99 Problems - Jay Z
4- Outta Here - KRS-one
5- Mass Appeal - Gangstarr
6- Tha Shiznit - Snoop dogg
7- Scenario Remix - (Q-tip & Busta Rhymes)
8- Just Like Music - Erick Sermon & Marvin Gaye vs Soulflower - Pharcyde
9- I used to Love Her (DJ JS-1 Remix) - Common
10- The Ghetto - Rakim vs Code of the Streets - Gangstarr
11- Rahzel interlude
12- Lean On Me - Big Daddy Kane vs Court is in Session - Chill rob G
13- The big Payback - EPMD
14- Court is in Session - Chill Rob G vs 45 King
15- Original Stylin' - Three Times Dope
16-Ease Back - Ultramagnetic vs Fuck Compton - Tim Dog
17-New Jack Hustler - Ice T
18-Dont Sweat the Technique rmx - Rakim vs Bad To The Bone - Kool G Rap
19-Peace is Not The Word to Play - Main Source
20-Public Enemy # 1 - PE vs Who's Gonna Take The Weight - Gangstarr
21-Gets No Rougher - LL Cool J vs Mighty Hard Rock - Cash Money
22-Real Niggaz - NWA
23-Wicked - Ice Cube
24-Rahzel interlude
25-I Gave U Power - Nas
26-One Day - Jeru
27-Real Nigga Quotes - Common
28-Murda Muzick - Mobb deep
29-Devils - Jay Z
30-Long Kiss Goodnight - Biggie
31-Times Up - OC vs Times Up remix - OC & Eclipse
32-Mcees Act Like They Don't Know - KRS
33-Work - Gangstarr
34-Apollo Kids - Ghostface vs Dj Premier
35-Flying Guillotines Remix - DJ JS-1 feat C Rayz, Akrobatik, Breez, React
36-Genral - Nas vs Takeover - Jay Z
37-Threat - Jay Z vs Dj Premier
38-Mighty Healthy - Ghostface vs Beatnuts
39-Wild Out! - The Lox vs Liquid Swords - Gza
40-Declaration Remix - De La Soul
41-Just Don't Give a Fuck - Eminem vs Bottom Feeders - Smut Peddlers
42-Cream - Wu Tang vs Dr Dre
43-It's a Shame remix - Kool G Rap
44-Essentials Rock steady Remix - DJ JS-1 feat KRS & Rahzel

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