February 27, 2010

DJ JS-1 & SPINBAD "Cold Cutz Remixes (1996)"

*This is one of the most classic mixtapes ever! It was recorded on a 4-trk cassette recorder in 1995/96 and released in late 1996 into '97. It did very well and was covered in several publications. The actual cassette version has a few more tracks than this digital version. This mix has all original hip-hop mixes and blends done with only turntables and a 4-trk. 

1-krs-one - hiphop vs rap vs now you're mine - gangstarr
2-redman - whateva man remix
3-common - resurrection vs reign of the tec - beatnuts
4-ole dirty bastard - vs big ole butt LL cool J
5-gza remix
6-rza - third world w muggs
7-t la rock - its yours remix
8-pharcyde - passin' me by
9-gangstarr n nice n smooth - dwyck
10-crazy legs interlude
11-madskillz - nod factor vs lick da balls - slick rick
12-kwame - the rhythm vs terminator x beats
13-kool keith - poppa large vs spontaneous - LONS
14-kool g rap - ill street blues vs sunshine of your love & showbiz
15-cold cutz interlude
16-wu tang - cream remix
17-alkaholiks - 
18- das efx - the real hip hop vs pot holes in my lawn horns
19-OC - times up vs strictly mash'on - poor righteous teachers
20-jeru - playin' yaself vs come clean drops
21-casual - that's how it is vs get up - salt n pepa
22-highly illogical scratch inerlude
23-nas - it aint hard to tell
24-krs - i get wreck vs take a rest - gangstarr
25-common - commonism vs bust ya shit - gangstarr
26- hear it twice interlude
27-redman - funkorama vs just ice
28-i feel your anger interlude
29-organized konfusion - fudge pudge vs pharcyde & tribe called quest
30-busta rhymes - woo haa vs saukrates 
31-nice n smooth - how to flow vs chill rob gee remix
32- big daddy kane - how u get a record deal vs on & on shyheim premier remix
and messangerz of funk 
33- scratch interlude
34- gza - labels remix
35- 3rd Bass - potrait of an artist
36- Diamond D - next level verse remix
37- EPMD - strictly business vs bushwackas beat


  1. How has no one given this love?! Hats off to you for this one, sir!

    Also, how did I miss this blog!? Gladly subscribed now - lookin forward to diggin' through the posts!!

    Peace from a die-hard hip-hop Stan!

  2. My cousin gave me a copy of this cassette about 15 years ago and it has been my favorite mix ever since. It's always been in steady rotation and I actually woke up today to the Strictly Business Remix which led me to find your website. Much love and respect to you and Spinbad for one of the best and most intricate albums ever put together. All the beat and vocal choices are dope as hell and the whole album flows perfectly together. I pretty sure I could pick out the scratches, beat changes, etc in my sleep at this point. So much more props to give but just want to mention that Mutley laugh on the Strictly Business remix, too sick.

  3. This is the greatest mixtape of all time, and I grew up in NYC and bought every tape from Capri, Doo Wop, Tony Touch, DJ Riz, Premo...THIS IS THE ONE. Thank g-d you posted it, cause i never got over my closest friend losing my copy. Long live JS-1, hope you make a volume III someday.

  4. Had this on tape way back! dope!


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