February 23, 2010

RAHZEL & DJ JS-1 "Greatest Knockouts"


1-Let's Get Ready To Rumble Intro - 
2-Essentials Remix - feat KRS-1
3-Live in London
4-Rahstrumental 1
5-Nuthin' to Fuck With feat Rza
6-The 4 Elements feat Kenny Muhammad
7-Freestyle 1 - feat Black Thought (Tim Westwood radio)
8-It's a Must - w Rakim
9-Rahstrumental 2
10-Children's Story - w Everlast (Whitey Ford)
11-Deep Cover - feat Tonedeff
12-Hot 97.1 FM interlude w Funkmaster Flex
13-Used To Be Perfect - w Lyden David Hall
14-Southern Girl - feat Erykah Badu
15-The Lesson Pt 1 - w Black Thought, ?uestlove, & Dice Raw
16-Rahzel vs DJ JS-1 interlude
17-Live from Atlanta - w Black Thought & Cee Lo
18-Live from Philadelphia - w EST of 3 x Dope
19-Time to Get Live - w Organized Konfusion & Unique
20-Night Rider - feat Slick Rick
21-The undisputed interlude
22-Rahstrumental 4
23-Freestyle 2 - w Gravediggaz (Tim Westwood)
24-Unity - feat Cee Lo
25-Tribute to Aaliyah
26-Guess (U Neva Knew) 

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