March 16, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Listening Pleasures 2 Mix"

"This is a mix i did a while ago in 1997 i think. This was never meant to be released. It was made for myself and a few close friends to listen to. I never pressed this on cassette, cd, or digitally dropped it. This is the first time it is being heard by anyone outside of my friends... "

1-nice n smooth - dope not hype
2-intelligent hoodlum - arrest the president scratch break
3-house of pain feat diamond d - word is bond remix
4-lord finesse feat big l - yes you may remix
5-rakim - i get visual
6-lord finesse feat percee p - kicking flavor w my man
7-3rd bass feat nice n smooth - microphone techniques
8-beat this scratch interlude
9-redman feat erick sermon - watch yo nugget
10-4 my peeps - red hot lover tone, biggie, m.o.p., prince po
11-masta ace - mad wunz
12-big daddy kane - mortal combat
13-ultramagnetic mc's - break north
14-heavy d feat big daddy kane, kool g rap, pete rock n cl smooth, q-tip, 
                               and grand puba - dont curse
15-pete rock n cl smooth - one in a million
16-grand puba - baby whats your name
17-tha alkaholiks - read my lips
side two:
18-maestro fresh wes feat percee p - pray to da east
19-it's like that - positive k
20-craig g - take the bait
21-gangstarr - to be a champion
22-phd feat cormega - set it off
23-main source - think
24-masta ace - i got ta
25-black, rock n ron - you can't do me none
26-kurious feat casual - what's the real?
27-BDP - kenny parker show
28-big daddy kane - put ya weight on it
29-cash money n marvelous - ugly people be quiet
30-jazzy jeff n fresh prince - hip hop dancer's theme
31-3rd bass - daddy rich in the land of 1200's
32-epmd - funky piano
33-low profile - aladdin's on a rampage


  1. very good muziq shit!

    LIONEL (Eros Media Company)


  3. you HAVE A GREAT KNACK for makin' most familiar joint sound FUNKY FRESH!!!!i've only gvin'{not that they can't google}that info to UNAPPRECIATIVE TOYS,i know a few, standards are "dimepiece"status.&you are doing something beyond real,the fact on99%of these you remember making&when very A-ALIKE w/myself,bring more POSK on,in my top7most slept-on mc's of all-time same w/MASTER ACE.I feel like i made the playlists,&on that note if you need a playlist DUDE,LOL.i'm always WILLING{PAUSE}I hope whe you get chance to peep my,&SEE ANYTHING YOU WANNA'USE ALOT OF CASES I HAV TRIPS ON RARE{cliche,but true}7"'s,78's,45's,&of course331/3.for example,and was great hearing "how the fuck would you know",no criticism,good looks,peoples's,CAN't find my "skills to pay the bills",or my "I AIN'T HAVIN'IT"/"GOOD COMBANATION"12,be lovely to get those for the WHIP,this site like i said,i only turn ZULU NATION/RSC&true schoolers GLOBALY onto,i just feel it's super loco wackckadotious,to greb joint&run.1sentence,to give ali' good kharma look your playing f'n DJ HOT DAY trk.w/PHD{BLAQ POET,ORIG.JUS'POET,like krs said in numero uno rmx "POET YA' SOFT YA KNOW",that record would be lovely to rock{like you don't know,LOL.dJ-JS1,you are the savior right now for me,if read my's always been my life,but now bein' handicap,i'm so limited.I wanna' play b-ball,bboy&boogie in the thing's my pops did w/me&my sib's.SO FOR SENOR KAOS states on MI HERMANO,lazy jay's cool blog,on the"fatbeats,THOUGHT'S&MEMORIES post,'ve met lazy jay,GOOD PEOPS.playin'the main source,1st 12 on ACTUAL RECORDS,the great dj 7song crescendo,put a lil' pay-pal up,check the sight(720,spelledout,in full.)see what's good&get at me,I KNOW HED'S BOOK ME FOR ALL FROM bar/butmitva's{if, dis to any-1}to bboy's you've at least seen at RSC ANNY'S&ZULU NATION ANNY's.i can't read whose rmx. it was on vol.3 of DJSKIZZ's remixes joint,&is it one on b-side of pete rock's"SLOW DOWN"rmx,thank's to you LOL,MY 9&half yr.old got suspended 4fighting tellin'a classmate,"dj hero is wackadocious,your the type(this is verbatim&he's speaking to another 9yr.old,mind you.)that put my beloved papa&MY CRATE DIGGING spot Fatbeat's",unreal.i was heated for 2second' the quality,rather just doin'it,fahghedaboutitt,i wanna'say something so i'ma give you 2criticisms,til' remember,the blackrock'nron RECORD while{worked at dwn.stairs records when it was LOVED,didn't like much then&even w/that you pulled it OFF lovely,more love to give,after the jump,LOL.I'M forgetten1 luv-shot{pause}.


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