March 31, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Soul Assassins Break Mix 1"

In the fall of 2009 while working on an album out in Cali with Muggs, MixMaster Mike, and Rahzel, we took some time out to do the Soul Assassins' West Wing show that airs on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We recorded early in the morning, around 10am, and after a loooong wake-n-bake session, i did about two hours of original samples n breaks. This is part 1 of the mix. This segment has tons of original samples (more popular ones that you might have heard before...part 2 has some more rare samples....) Shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg and General Mils.... 

*i am not posting a tracklisting for breaks/samples mixes... find em yourself! 

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