May 4, 2010

DJ JS-1 "One of the Best Yet: GURU tribute"

I have never done a tribute mix before and personally never felt the need to do one. Many times when someone passes away, everyone does a tribute mix and it's basically an attempt to bring attention to their own name, sell a few mixtapes, etc… Especially the djays who don't normally support or play music from the artist who passed away. A few corny radio stations that NEVER play any guru records were playing his songs all day when he died, and then right back to Wocka Flocka the next day… When i found out Guru had died i was miserable for a few reasons. First, im always miserable, lol, second because Guru is easily one of the few Mcees i have listened to the most in my lifetime. The countless songs and style of music he helped pioneer along with dj premier, is pretty much the reason why any of us who still play "real" hiphop are still around.  Can you imagine a world without Gangstarr albums? I might have killed myself in 89 instead of 2011. Guru's voice and what he was saying just reached out to all of us and grabbed us in for life. The way he complimented premier's beats, just an mc and an actual dj, not a drug dealer acting like a dj. It was incredible. A simple, monotone style… And that's what makes him even better. It's a lot easier to hold someone's ear and look better than you are with over-the-top flows and exaggerated vocals, but he made hundreds of classics and kept it straight forward, simple and with his unique monotone style. The way Gangstarr and then later Jazzmatazz incorporated jazz samples and then jazz players was also the start of a way of life for many kids. How many of you have dug through jazz records that you would have NEVER thought of listening too, stoned outta your face, loving some Gangstarr soundin' loops… We used to blast the first jazzmatazz album. Take A Look, Respect The Architect, Watch The Closing doors, etc… Guru kicked knowledge, street shit, personal stuff, and made records for women that men also liked. It would be really hard for someone to match his catalog and life long achievements on record while maintaining such a high level of musical integrity. Always the dopest hip hop beats on Gangstarr albums, and always the highest level of jazz-hiphop fusion on his Jazzmatazz series. So obviously I'm a huge GURU fan and have purchased countless tapes, cd's, and vinyl over and over and over again… 
When i found out he passed away i thought about how i would never hear another Gangstarr album again and that REALLY sucks… We listened to No More Mr Nice Guy, Step In the Arena, Daily Operation, etc soooooo much. 
I starting thinking of all the Guru tracks, etc… I knew tons of people would be doing tribute's, probably all named the same as mine, lol, but i still felt awkward doing a tribute mix. I did speak to Premier about it, and he said i might as well, and that did make me feel a lil better about it. I just want this particular style of hiphop to be heard as much as possible and not forgotten. I thought i have a good amount of Guru classics, album cuts, and side projects to be able to do a worthy mix. I set aside approx 100 songs i personally liked. There is many i missed, skipped over, etc.. So i did the mix originally for the first time on (it's still there, my guru mix, live from my house….) Then i decided to make the live mix into an actual mixtape… So here is what i quickly put together. I did do a bunch of work on this but i had to rush it. I am off to do shows and don't have enough time. some levels may be a bit off, etc..
I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as i do. I truly love this music….  This is what we do. 

DJ JS-1 "One of the Best Yet: Guru Tribute Mix"

1 - intro (first step)
2 - game plan
3 - jazzalude
4 - in memory of
5 - name tag (premier & the guru)
6 - moment of truth
7 - the lesson
8 - execution of chump
9 - ex girl to the next girl
10 - ex girl to the next girl remix
11 - the planet
12 - take a look at yourself
13 - above the clouds
14 -love sick
15 - try to make a fool of me
16 - do in advance
17 - all 4 the ca$h
18 - knowledge
19 - a long way to go
20 - credit is due
21 - take 2 and pass
22 - salute part 2
23 - royalty
24 - you know my steez
25 - you know my steez remix
26 - gotta get over remix
27 - mostly tha voice
28 - what i'm here 4
29 - down the line
30 - it's getting hectic
31 - better half
32 - for of intellect
33 - work 
34 - respect the architect
35 - 2 deep
36 - 2 deep remix
37 - blown' up da spot
38 - new york straight talk
39 - bust ya shit b.y.s.
40 - back 2 back
41 - the militia
42 - the ? remains
43 - full clip
44 - tonz o gunz
45 - home
51 - dedication
52 - to be a champion
53 - check the technique
54 - rock dis funky joint pt 2
55 - the legacy
56 - false prophets
57 - lift your fist
58 - manifest 
59 - mass appeal
60 - soliloquy of chaos
61 - i'm not superman
62 - code of the streets
63 - code of the streets remix
64 - speak ya clout
65 - battle
66 - i'm the man 
67 - step in the arena
68 - cuz i'm jazzy
69 - state of clarity
70 - a bunch of niggaz
71 - take it personal
72 - now you're mine
73 - brainstorm
74 - illest brother
75 - dwyck horny mix
76 - comin' foor datazz
77 - no time to play
78 - trust me
79 - loungin'
80 - much too much
81 - jazz thing
82 - skillz
83 - feel the music
84 - le bien, le mal
85 - just ta get a rep
86 - bust a move boy
87 - no more mr. nice guy
88 - take a rest
89 - who's gonna take the weight
90 - gusto
91 - le tempo
92 - bboy mastermind
93 - here's the proof
94 - the meaning of the name
95 - play dat beat
96 - cave in
97 - 2 steps ahead
98 - the end….

Shout out to everyone who did a worthy tribute mix and to everyone who feels like i do and really does support this type of music.
There is other dope GURU tributes you can download: (google them, will pop right up!)
Dj Premier Livefromheadqcourterz blog
DJ Slynkee 
Statik Selektah
Phat Phillie
Halftime Radio ustream
Guru R.i.P.
rest in peace to ajile turner, roc raida, mr magic…
rock steady crew
slap a clown dj today!


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