July 24, 2010

DJ JS-1 & DJ SKIZZ "RE_CYCLED : strictly remixes"

Dj Skizz of The Halftime Radio Show, and myself, DJ JS-1, got together to do another classic mix... (if you didnt already download "REPROGRAM" our first mixtape, check the older posts n download it!) So this time around we decided to do a full mix using ONLY remixes. Many of these remixes are rare, uncommon, or not played out. We tried to narrow it down to remixes we personally liked because there is soo many. Most of these tracks are from the 90's era. We did miss a few, but there's always vol 2. Sooo, while many other djays are lazy with wack music knowledge, i do everything i can to keep bringing you good music, classic tracks, some rare hiphop, and never jumping ship to play cornball commercial nonsense. I hope you enjoy and appreciate our mixes... please repost, re-blast, retweet, and tell a friend... thank you. DJ JS-1... Rock Steady Crew...


  1. Dope mix mang...keep em comin.


  2. Dope mix, glad you put them whack Djs in their right perspective. Keep Rocking King.

  3. this is amazing. thanks.

  4. Rock Steady RULE!

    Thanks for this excellent tape.

    keep on bringin' for the fans, rock on!


  5. unreal,js-1.I'M A FAN @bOb's{see what you caused,lol,wife kickin'my ass!!!!}every WEDS.that your on bill!!!!IF NEED HELP W/ANYTHING{PAUSE}for sure i'd be willing to do playlists,if your ever gonna'post anyone{what'd be point,lol.}else's music.J.PERIOD,&YOURSELF are w/out a doubt,not only dopest mix joint dj's IMNSHO{inmy not so humble opinion in this case!},but{no pun}are dopest executioners,of STRENGTH'S YOU POSSESS,in your case,my e.g. is HALFTIME show's 11th anniv.demolition of dope,I'VE BEEN SHOUTIN'OUT GROUND ORIGINAL FOR,eh,10yrs.plus.that night i said to famz,watchJS-1&T.TOCA,show peoples dj'n skills w/everything incorparated,timimig,pace,bpm's,"BRAINIAC DUM-DUMS WATCH THE SCIENTIFICAL",lol.I'M DUDE THAT IF GO 2,Asite i'm not sure cool to shout,so 'outta respect4 site,i won't mention onsite.I'D LOVE 4YOU 2PEEP THOUGH,IT'S SENOR KOWWSS,LOL.giving thoughts&memories,on closing of FATBEATS{I trek'd from eny,@7am,2peep you&bob@9am,2luminaries.}he site's myself&my young son KHALED,&describes 2perfection.what he called"the most focused lil'man&his father{me}interacting,as mentor/protege."in a way i've never scene in my life,where else would you see that?etc.....needless to say,i
    am a very proud popi,in the spirit of famz j.period{loved"in the trunk"&purchased most of what you posted.I HAVE TO SHOW LOVE REGAURDLESS ON "LISTENING PLEASURE"joint,&theone I'M POSTING COMMENT on now.i know,jper.is master of weaving artists story's beautifuly,w/thier music.TO ME YOU ARE THEE DJ's "dj".MY SON,@9&AHALF,says"I idolize him for TRK.LIST.ALONE.LOL,AFT. MAGNIFYING TO125%,&I"M 41,so eyes aren't what once we're.I WANT TO POST THIS SO NOT WASTED,AS"TOOLARGE"{PAUSE}&then finish-up,by way this is ETHEX,"MIN"'s bro,peep-us both in "STYLE WARS",MIN is in mad scene's HENRY,gave me as much time as as protege,deserves,LOL!

  6. ETHEX,back@you.i wanna'let you know as handicap'd person HOW MUCH I APPRECIATE YOU GIVING FANS,A CHOICE!!!!IN that i mean here in"THE EAST"{ENY}peoples appreciate you not shoving zip/rar files as only option.we have computers,of course.heds,like it straight to Itunes&not to feel alienated when seeing ANYTHING WIN,LOL,not realy funny how frustrated peoples get they see"WIN"ANYTHING,PEOPS go"nah your not gamin'me.in many case peops have'nt a credit card.this building nxt.to the last of the rockaway blvd./city-line shopping area side old homes,got home studio if ever can find time you can dig thru my crates,I WORKED@DWN.STAIRS RECORDS'87-'91 who know's you might find something you can use.I'M ALL ABOUT SHARING RECORDS,AS BOB SAID that weds.morn we can't become an insulated/insular culture{yes,i'm on net,however i'm idealist&would love it to be '88-'94,but i'm also a realist.AS i spoke w/"Donny Goines"one day in jan.'08{@that point i had never touched a comp.&he said"give try if you embrace you'll like it's hard{pause}not to"&a bunch of confusion came over me.I slept on-it,&went to a BK.BEST BUY that morn,used a lil'advance loot&cop'd one"user friendly"DELL,w/the dope wi-fi printer i went all out,&like life it's got upside that{in hopefully,tips the scale even if alil'vs.it's d'evil bs side,lol.}I'm fortunate&i help the peops in the eastny sect cop many joint's they'd have if had anyway2 get.We have heds in sync'at 1am thurs.-5am{&past}w/clock f'n radio's.NOW THAT'S LOVE.PEACE RSC,EVERYDAY,ALLDAY.I'VE BEEN MEMBER OF THE ALMIGHTY ZULU NATION,SINCE'83.AFTER MY 1st nTOn burner{word to co.flow}.WORE MY ZULU BEAD'S TO MY PROM,LOL.Hope you enjoyed 2hr. non-fiction chapters.1request,VOL.2,OF THESE UNREAL RMX.JOINT'S&ANY OTHER ZIPFILES til'i can get winrar,etc.SO MANY HEDS,MY SON{tell J.,that you met a father of 9yr.old w/co-sign's from the best,who did amuch overdue "BEST OF XTRA-P"}YEAH,can you throw-up a regular Mpeg,or mp3 to itunes like you did this one.If you{&iknow this isn't bout$,but,i'd be re-miss if i didn't offer to buy}did YOU COULDN'T IMAGINE THE GRATITUDE,SINCERLY/&RESPECTFULLY ETHEX/GREG.YOUR THE BEST,&i don't even gas wifey anymore,lol,so my sincerity is infinite.

  7. I OWN every stretch&bob show from debut,oct.25th'91 thru nov.'94.{when in2003 i was victem of a "p.r. male,that fits a desciption".later,case settled,criminaly for what i'm about 2share,so no worries as far as any bs,i share in hope younger heds know,if your hiphop nerd(hate terms,these peops come up with,you summed up inside liner notes can't remember verbatim,here goes what i do&you'll rek"this lp contains no neo-soul,etc.{all that's wack 2both of us,basicaly.}i'ma get to my crescendo,lol,it's not funny shake hed type,"i'm sickened"funny.word up.real quick though would you like me to rewrite the playlist{s},i know your mad biz-e.FIRST MAD PROPS FOR INCLUDING,THE LOCO DOPE J-ROCK{not to be confused w/beat junkies,J,This one is dude that won source unsigned hype,from somewhere up-state,not on lock.He hails from there.The unsigned hype he won was durin'"golden era",he won '93,i wanna say nov.He later released,STEETWIZE,an lp{by standard's of '93}that ironicaly what was only criticisms then is what peops jock now,i.e.ORIG.DEMO'S,you know steeze i alway's,honesly,think of how DONDI{rip}mentored me as a writer,{peace2,CIA CREW 4-LIFE}by way i know i'm all over place but by end it'll make more sense daily}we'd build on music to,of course.All genre's he was on a-game as much as any writer that frequented bench,149th&grand concourse BEST TIMES OF LIFE HOPE EVERYONE IS WELL,SAD RIP LIST IS SO LONG,SO OUTTA'RESPECT4 JS-1's SITE,I'D BE REMISS IF I DID'NT GIVE ONE TO THE GREAT ALL-AROUND GOOD PEOPLES,&"KING"status i'm speaking of the great SHY147,and to all the great writer's we lost.SHY,was a perfect e.g of that cliche"ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG"regardless,in studio all night tryin' to do all quality tracks{LOL,obviously}what i'm sayin' i'm takin alot more time w/things.nowhere near your status i did do J-LIVE's trk."YES"LIKE TO know if you like -it,prolly my crowning jewell.Along w/a very slept-on crew from PGH,PA{steeler's country}called STRICT FLOW,i'ma post this,so it gets out,ONCE A WRITER AS YOUR MAN KRS'D SAY WE STAY "OUT FOR FAME"!!!!


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