March 31, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Soul Assassins Break Mix 2"

This is part 2 of my original samples n breaks mix that i did on Muggs' & Mr Choc's West Wing show on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We were in Cali recording an album, i basically woke up, wake-n-bake and jumped into a 2 hour breaks set with no headphones... The part 1 is also available for download below. Part 1 has more popular samples you probably know or heard, and part 2 is for the more experienced listener... lol..  once again, shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg, General Mils... now go slap someone!!!

*i am not posting a tracklisting for sample/break sets... find them yourself!!!

DJ JS-1 "Soul Assassins Break Mix 1"

In the fall of 2009 while working on an album out in Cali with Muggs, MixMaster Mike, and Rahzel, we took some time out to do the Soul Assassins' West Wing show that airs on Shady 45 for Sirius/XM satellite radio. We recorded early in the morning, around 10am, and after a loooong wake-n-bake session, i did about two hours of original samples n breaks. This is part 1 of the mix. This segment has tons of original samples (more popular ones that you might have heard before...part 2 has some more rare samples....) Shout out to Muggs, Mr Choc, Ern Dawg and General Mils.... 

*i am not posting a tracklisting for breaks/samples mixes... find em yourself! 

DJ JS-1 & Spinbad "R & B Blends"

This mixtape i made with Spinbad in the late 90's i think. Probably 98 or so? It was only released on cassette in limited amounts. We never pressed this on CD or released it officially. It is fairly rare. The whole mixtape is exclusive blends we did using only turntables. This was before idiots used the word "mash-up" to make themselves feel like they invented something that djays been doing forever already...
1-tell me - groove theory
2-just one of deem days - monica
3-walk on by - d. warwick
4-i like it - jomanda
5-ain't nuthin' goin' on but the rent - g. guthrie
6-hey mr dj - zhane
7-friends - jody watley
8-real love - mary j bilge
9-do you wanna get funky - cc music factory
10-nasty - janet jackson
11-freak and you know it - adina howard
12-heartbeat - t. gardner
13-puttin' a rush on me - stephanie mills
14-one in a million - aaliyah
15-swing my way - kip & envy
16-my boo - ghosttown djays
17-saturday - cherrelle
18-is it good to you - t. riley & t. lucas
19-that's the way love goes - janet jackson
20-feels so good - davina
21-creep - TLC
22-someone - SWV
23-on & on - erykah badu
24- i wanna be down - brandy
25-you make me wanna - usher
26-fulton street - leshea
27-what about us - total
28-no diggedy - black street
29-touch me tease me - case
30-dont let go - en vogue
31-no no no pt 2 - destiny child
32-im not feeling you - yvette michelle
33-head over heels - allure
34-return of the mack - mark morrison
35-freak like me - adina howard
36-the boy is mine - brandy/monica
37-my way - usher
38-this is how we do it - montell jordan
39-request line - zhane
40-love will never do - janet jackson
41-too close - next
42-dont walk away - jade
43-too hype - entouch
44-bad - michael jackson
Every track is an exclusive blend… beats used by Jay Z, Dr. Dre, Slick Rick, Gangstarr, Cypress Hill, Das Efx,
Goodie Mob, DMX, Craig Mack, Cam'ron, Biz Markie, Boogie Down Productions, Biggie, Special Ed, James Brown, and many more...

March 16, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Listening Pleasures 2 Mix"

"This is a mix i did a while ago in 1997 i think. This was never meant to be released. It was made for myself and a few close friends to listen to. I never pressed this on cassette, cd, or digitally dropped it. This is the first time it is being heard by anyone outside of my friends... "

1-nice n smooth - dope not hype
2-intelligent hoodlum - arrest the president scratch break
3-house of pain feat diamond d - word is bond remix
4-lord finesse feat big l - yes you may remix
5-rakim - i get visual
6-lord finesse feat percee p - kicking flavor w my man
7-3rd bass feat nice n smooth - microphone techniques
8-beat this scratch interlude
9-redman feat erick sermon - watch yo nugget
10-4 my peeps - red hot lover tone, biggie, m.o.p., prince po
11-masta ace - mad wunz
12-big daddy kane - mortal combat
13-ultramagnetic mc's - break north
14-heavy d feat big daddy kane, kool g rap, pete rock n cl smooth, q-tip, 
                               and grand puba - dont curse
15-pete rock n cl smooth - one in a million
16-grand puba - baby whats your name
17-tha alkaholiks - read my lips
side two:
18-maestro fresh wes feat percee p - pray to da east
19-it's like that - positive k
20-craig g - take the bait
21-gangstarr - to be a champion
22-phd feat cormega - set it off
23-main source - think
24-masta ace - i got ta
25-black, rock n ron - you can't do me none
26-kurious feat casual - what's the real?
27-BDP - kenny parker show
28-big daddy kane - put ya weight on it
29-cash money n marvelous - ugly people be quiet
30-jazzy jeff n fresh prince - hip hop dancer's theme
31-3rd bass - daddy rich in the land of 1200's
32-epmd - funky piano
33-low profile - aladdin's on a rampage

DJ JS-1 "You Should Be Dancin' 70's Mix"

"This is a classic mix of all popular 70's disco tracks. I did this mix in 1997 or 1998? It was only released in limited amount on cassette. I never pressed it on CD and never released it digitally. A lot of people always ask me about this mix but i only had it on a cassette until now.... "

side one:
1-pick up the pieces
2-brick house
3-ladies night
4-we are family
5-love rollercoaster
7-car wash
9-groove line
10-dont stop til you get enough
11-calypso breakdown
12-knock on wood
13-super freak
14-heaven must have sent you
15-born to be alive
16-boogie nights
18-a fifth of beethoven
19-hollywood swingin'
20-good times
21-bounce, rock, skate
22-that's the way i like it
23-get down tonight
24-stayin' alive
side two:
25-i will survive
26-hot stuff
27-you should be dancing
28-off the wall
29-second time around
30-i love the nightlife
31-take your time
32-bad mama jama
33-burn rubber on me
34-le freak
35-give it to me baby
37-heart of glass
38-ring my bell
39-boogie oogie oogie
40-turn the beat around
41-give it up turn it loose
42-im coming out
43-how deep is your love
44-more than a woman

DJ JS-1 & ODY-ROC "WORKIN' MIX (2010)"

"this mix i recently did in early 2010 with Ody roc. It was done straight up on two turntables in serato, no tracking, etc... a ton of 90's treats once again..."

1-nas - one time for ya mind
2-screwball feat havoc n cormega - on the real
3-fa tjoe - respect mine
4-fat joe - dedication
5-raekwon n ghostface - wisdom body
6-jeru - me not the papes
7-jeru - remix
8-mobb deep - eye for an eye
9-nas - i gave u power
10-fat joe n krs one - bronx tale
11-ghostface - stay true
12-ghostface, raekwon n cappa - fish
13-mobb deep, ghostface, big noyd - back at you
14-mobb deep - cradle to the grave
15-da youngstas - murder
16-tragedy n havoc - funk mode
17-epmd n dasf efx - ruff rugged n raw
18-big noyd, nas, cormega - suspect
19-mobb deep - animal instinct
20-mobb deep - man down
21-mobb deep n cnn - parole violators
22-company flow - lune
23-saukrates - father time
24-ahmad jamal - misdemeanor 
25-scarface - roll 'em
26-electric prunes sample - general confessional
27-beatnuts - niggas know
28-beatnuts - uncivilized
29-beatnuts - super supreme
30-krs one - mad
31-krs one vs oc - kill a rapper vs times up
32-diamond d - the hiatus
33-onyx - walk in ny
34-blahzay blahzay - danger pt 2
35-headz aint ready - bootcamp clik
36-spit - showbiz & ag
37-mic geronimo feat oc & royal flush - many men
38-fab five - lefleur laflaur
39-large professor - mad scientist
40-ole dirty bastard - raw hide
41-craig mack - get down
42-epmd - crossover (in da trunk remix)
43-busta rhymes & rampage - abandon ship
44-gangstarr feat jeru & lil dap - speak ya clout
45-mr voodoo - lyrical tactics
46-3rd bass - product of the environment remix
47-above the law - murder rap
48-gangstarr - take it personal
49-das efx - klap ya handz
50-erick sermon - stay real
51-lords of the underground - here come the lords
52-kool g rap - road to the riches
53-steady b feat krs one - serious rmx
54-wu tang clan - protect ya neck


"This mix i did with Ody-roc for an exclusive release in Greece only. We never pressed this here, never sold it, and never gave it out. This is very rare..."

1-flying guillotines rmx - DJ JS-1 feat c rayz walz & akrobatik
2-call the police - large professor
3-dont sleep (JS1 remix) - immortal technique
4-lets go - pharoahe monch
5-the exorcist - lil vic & dj premier
6-movin on up - kidz in the hall
7-carry on tradition - nas
8-rap manuals - coldheat feat craig g
9-throwback rap instrumental - JS1 scatch segment
10-ny rider music - agallah & dj premier
11-cameo afro - gza
12-connect 4 - ug, casual, sean price
13-brazil - raekwon & ill bill
14-are you scared - footsoldirers feat krs-one
15-i wanna be president - channel live
16-rude awakening - smooth b & guru
17-desire - pharoahe monch
18-dream - royce 5'9"
19-bullseye - coldheat feat buckshot, sadat x & DJ JS-1
20-getting gwop - papoose
21-30 something - jay z
22-compton gangsta - the game & will i am
23-reality check - verbal threat & dj premier
24-nice - pitch black, styles p & dj premier
25-tha 3 shugs - big shug & dj premier
26-forever shine - pack fm & DJ JS-1
27-lights out - DJ JS-1 feat Royce 5'9" 
28-jimmy crack corn - eminem
29-gilla check - redman
30-deep impact - dub l feat c rayz walz & DJ JS-1
31-ding - royce 5'9" & dj premier
32-preservation - aesop rock & del
33-hustler - nas ft the game
34-i recall - raekwon ft smiff n wesson
35-new level - react, js-1, & eternal

DJ JS-1 & Spinbad "All About The Hamiltons Mix '97"

"I did this mixtape with Spinbad in 1997 i think? It's nothing like our Cold Cutz Remixes mixtape, but it's a good solid mix with some '97 style cuts... This was only sold on cassette, never on CD or released digitally."

1-4,3,2,1 - LL COOL J, Method Man, Redman, Canibus
2-internationally known - DITC (OC, fat Joe, Big L, Lord Finesse)
3-No wonduh - diamon D
4-rhymes galore - busta rhymes
5-you know my steez - gangstarr
6-the enemy - Big L & Fat joe
7-war games - OC & organized konfusion
8-9x out of 10 - organized konfusion
9-after dark - heiroglyphics
10-k.i.m. - EPMD feat Keith Murray & redman
11-under pressure rmx - big daddy kane
12-deja vu - lord tariq & peter gunz
side two -
1-put ya hands rmx - busta rhymes
2-streets is watchin - jay z
3-rare species - mobb deep
4-gettin' down at the ampitheatre - Common & de la soul
5-sucker mc's - wu tang clan
6-starsky & hutch - LL Cool J & Busta Rhymes
7-10 Mack Commandments - Soul Kid Klik feat doc Dave Banna
8-Its Been A Long Time - Rakim
9-Reputation - Chubb Rock
10-Find Out - Fat Joe
11-Hate - Organized Konfusion
12-Never Seen Before - Cold Cutz Crew Remix - EPMD
13-Aww Shit - Alkaholiks
14-It's Yours - Q Tip (Lone Ranger)
15-Executive Decision - The Firm feat Nas

March 14, 2010

DJ JS-1 "Live from HeadQcourterz 3/12/10"

"On march 12th, 2010 i filled in for DJ Premier on his Live From HeadQcourterz XM/Sirius satellite show that he has been doing for the past 4 or 5 years every friday night from 10pm to midnight. So first, i'd like to thank Premier, Gordon, Ron Mills, Panchi, Keebler, and the King of Chill for letting me come rock on their show... I had Jeru Da Damaja and Rahzel there along with me. It was a really fun night with friends and real deal hip hop. It's nice to be able to personally blast out music into space that i picked, i like and i know is good. There is a really classic moment on this 2 hour show where rahzel and jeru are both freestyling... the drunken master freestyle session... Below is the track listing for the entire night.... enjoy...."

hour 1:
1 - intro - live from headqcourterz - dj premier
2 - no bullshit - dj js-1 feat krs-one prod by dj js-1
3 - biggie brooklyn freestyle (i wanna rock beat) - agallah 
4 - the highst beat - large pro prod by large pro
5 - talk break 1 - 
6 - in this world - reflection eternal - prod by hi tek?
7 - delilah - rakaa iriscience
8 - sho' nuff - freeway & jake one prod by jake one
9 - hard hit - evidence prod by sid roams
10 - anti busta - computa feat mr cheeks
11 - the champion - inspectah deck
12 - rebel music - strike team (craig g & mr cheelks) w pete rock 
13 - talk break 2 - 
14 - radio remix - exile feat torae & rustee jux prod by marco polo
15 - organic food - planet asia & gold chain military prod by large pro
16 - project boy - joel ortiz prod by dj premier
17 - boom slap - dj js-1 feat krs-one & rahzel
18 - talk break 3 - (premier live from germany w nick javas)
19 - science - dj js-1 & jeru da damaja prod by dj js-1
20 - nobody - ruste juxx & marco polo prod by marco polo
21 - real nigga quotes - el che (rhymefest) prod by dj premier
hour # 2
22 - x and bill - sadat x feat ill bill prod by 9th wonder
23 - talk break 4 - jackson 5 caller 
24 - drunken master freestyle - rahzel & jeru da damaja
25 - my hood - nutso feat royal flush & mic geronimo  prod by ?
26 - devastate - jojo pellegrino prod by frank dukes
27 - hardbody - dj concept & dj mickey knox - illa ghee
28 - this one here - cold heat
29 - the agenda - brown bag allstars prod by J57
30 - the score - fashawn feat planet asia
31 - the essence - choclair
32 - i'm legend - smiley the ghetto child
33 - i am - bekay feat dj revolution prod by the alchemist
34 - talk break 5 - 
35 - snow - roc marciano
36 - rappin' excercise - khaleel feat panchi of nygz prod by premier
37 - murdered - ill bill & crooked i
38 - euphporia - rakim feat jadakiss, styles p
39 - talk break 6 - 
40 - le bien, le mal - guru and mc solaar


"we did this mix around 2002... it was supposed to be the first of a series of diss tracks... there has been tons of diss songs made (especially recently when it got trendy), and eventually we will make another volume. for now, enjoy this fairly diverse mix of disses...."
1-battle royal intro 
2-kool moe dee vs busy bee (live)
3-mc shan - the bridge
4-krs (bdp) - southbronx
5-mc shan - kill that noise
6-krs (bdp) - bridge is over
7-ll cool j - to da break-a-dawn
8-tim dog - fuck compton
9-ice cube - no vaseline
10-mc supernatural vs juice round 1 (live)
11-tupac - hit 'em up
12-eminem - hit 'em up remix
13-mobb deep - drop a gem on 'em
14-cormega- fuck nas
15-infamous mobb - mobb niggaz
16-jay z - take over
17-nas - ether
18-prodigy - hail mary remix
19-jadakiss - 8th wonder freestyle
20-mc supernatural vs juice round 2 (live)
21-ll cool j - 4,3,2,1 remix
22-canibus - 2nd round k.o.
23-ll cool j - the ripper strikes back
24-wyclef jean - try again
25-eminem - quitter
26-everlast - whitey's revenge
27-milkbone - 
28-boogie man - just you wait
29-masta ace - acknowledge
30-jeru - 99%
31-common - bitch in you
32-mc supernatural vs craig g
33-kurupt - callin' out names
34-canibus - who owns you
35-ali vegas - the apology
36-kool keith - jealous

March 8, 2010


* This mix has over 65 original mash-up / blends made using turntables and several genres of music. 

01 - Intro

02 - Ghostface (Apollo Kids) vs. Pink Floyd (Time) 

03 - Clipse (Grindin) vs. Tears 4 Fears (Shout) 

04 - M.O.P. (Ante Up) vs. Kid Rock 

05 - Nate Dogg & Redman (Set Up) vs. Frida 

06 - 50 Cent (In Da Club) vs. Joan Jett (I Love Rock N Roll) 

07 - Prodigy (H.N.I.C.) vs. Kid Rock 

08 - (Lose Yourself) vs. Audioslave 

09 - Jay-Z vs. AC/DC (Back In Black) 

10 - Kool G Rap (Ill Street Blues) vs. Metallica 

11 - Lenny Kravitz vs. Black Rob (Whoa) 

12 - Piano Keys vs. Grand Puba (Whats Your Name) 

13 - Afroman (I Got High) vs. Bob Marley 

14 - Coldplay (Rush Of Blood) vs. Pharcyde (Otha Fish) 

15 - Bjork vs. Lil Jon

16 - Sublime (Summertime) vs. Juvenile

17 - Red Hot Chili Peppers (Under The Bridge) vs. 50 Cent

18 - Phil Collins (In The Air Tonight) vs. Nas (1 Mic) 

19 - Nas (One Luv) vs. Madonna (La Isla Bonita)

20 - Redman & Method Man (How High) vs. Inxs 

21 - Big Pun (Its Soo Hard) vs. Safety Dance 

22 - Sade (Sweetest Taboo) vs. Nas (Oochie Wally) 

23 - Al B Sure (Night N Day) vs. 50 Cent (If I Cant) 

24 - Sly Fox (All The Way) vs. Pharoah Monch (Simon Says) 

25 - Maroon 5 (This Love) vs. Davey DMX 

26 - Jamiroquai (Virtual Insanity) vs. Dj Premiere (Dnd Allstars) 

27 - Beyonce (Me, Myself & I) vs. Al Green 

28 - Dela Soul vs. Kid Rock 

29 - Fat Joe (Lean Back) vs. Curtis Mayfield 

30 - Big L vs. Jody Watley 

31 - Stevie Wonder (Wish) vs. Killer Mike (A.D.I.D.A.S.)

32 - Outkast (Miss Jackson) vs. Men At Work 

33 - Al Green (Stay Together) vs. Tribe Called Quest 

34 - Al Green (Happiness) vs. G-Dep (Lets Get It)

35 - Jackson 5 vs. Jay-Z 

36 - Natedogg (Where I Wanna Bee) vs. Kool N Gang (Too Hot) 

37 - Pharrell vs. Cameo (Candy) 

38 - Eric Sermon & Marvin Gaye (Music) vs. Pharcyde (Soul Flower) 

39 - Jurassic Five vs. (Dont U 4Get About Me) 

40 - Nas (Talk To U) vs. Human League (Dont U Want Me) 

41 - Pod (Youth Of The Nation) &Pink Flloyd (Brick In Wall) vs. Nore 

42 - James Brown (Soul Power) vs. Fat Joe (Lean Back)

43 - Mos Def (Bboydocument) vs. Limp Bizkit 

44 - Rakim (Sweat The Technique) vs. Led Zepplin (Whole Lotta Js Breaks!)

45 - LL Cool J (Headsprung) vs. Aerosmith (Walk This Way) 

46 - Kool G Rap (Lifestyles) vs. Nirvana (Teen Spirit) 

47 - Mos Def (Travellin Man) vs. U2 (Havent Found What Im Lookin 4) 

48 - (Guilty Conscience) vs. Kiss (Hard Times) 

49 - Jay-Z (Change Clothes) vs. Prince (Kiss) 

50 - Bananarama (Cruel Summer) vs. Jay-Z (Encore) 

51 - Spin Doctors (Two Princes) vs. Ludacris (Saturday) 

52 - Lil Jon, Ying Yang & Elephant Man (Skeet Skeet!!) vs. (Lets Hear it 4 boy)

53 - Missy (Pass That Dutch) vs. (Last Night A Dj Saved My Life) 

54 - Michael Jackson (Rock Wit U) vs. Justin Timberlake 

55 - (Without Me) vs. The Roots 

56 - Elvis vs. (Your Mom!) 

57 - Jimi Hendrix (Purple Haze) vs. (Bboy Revenge) 

58 - Nirvana (Lithium) vs. (12 Gauge Drums)

59 - Notorious Big (Nasty) vs. Corey Hart (Versaci Sunglasses @ Night) 

60 - Kelis (Milkshake) vs. Michael Jackson (Billie Jean) 

61 - (Yeah!) & Ludacris vs. Todd Terry (This Is Acid, Bango, Dumb) 

62 - Busta Rhymes (Light Ur A*s On Fire) vs. White Stripes (7 Nation Army) 

63 - U2 (With Or Without U) vs. Jurassic Five 

64 - Jay-Z & JD (Money Aint A Thing) 

65 - Clipse (Heard It Like This) vs. Jody Watley 

66 - (Outstanding) vs. Dr. Dre

67 - William Hung (She Bangs) vs. Outkast (Way U Move) 

68 - Run Dmc (Tricky) & Salt N Pepa (Push It) vs. Van Halen (Jump) & Hash Pipe

69 - Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal) vs. Alien Ant Farm (Smooth Criminal)

70 - Public Enemy (Bring Da Noise) vs. Rage (Know Your Enemy)

March 3, 2010


*This megamix contains thousands of beats, samples, phrases, etc.. There has never been a mix quite like this. This is many of the segments i used for my Juggle Roulette breaks record. The first 5 minutes is my track, "transmittin'" from the new Return of the DJ album. A serious amount of work went into making this, you should check this out for sure!