December 17, 2011

DJ JS-1 "I RUN NY mix"

For those of you who have seen me djay or follow any of my works, you have definitely seen me rocking
my "I RUN NY" shirts. My boy Carlos, who i've known for a while, has his company,
and they make incredible hiphop themed shirts and hoodies. They have many great designs so many of us love and i suggest you check it out for real. His shirts have become my "dj uniform" the past two years. hahaha... Well the "I RUN NY" design, has always been my favorite for obvious reasons. I'm a diehard old skool new yorker that grew up idolizing RUN DMC & JMJ. At the same time i have been a Knicks fan as far back as i can remember. I can remember watching games before Patrick Ewing came, and how excited everyone was when he joined the Knicks. When Carlos told me he was re-releasing the "I RUN NY" shirt in classic Knicks / Mets colors, i was even more excited. The release coincides with the start of the NBA season and our new-look Knicks featuring Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler, the best front court in the NBA. I've been meaning to do an all-New York themed mix, and this was the time to do it! Especially now as our new addition at point guard, Asian Harvard graduate, JEREMY LIN, has been thrust into the spotlight and doing work! Thank you Super LINtendo for bringing LINSANITY to MSG! Lets Go Knicks!!!

I know it's become trendy over the past decade to try and diss New York, and some other parts of the country have been "feelin" themselves a lil bit because cornball down-south beats are ruling pop-radio, but let's be serious for a minute... New York is the place where stars are born. If you make it here, you can make it anywhere... No disrepect to any other city, i've been to every major and mid-level city in the US and enjoyed many of them, but most of these clowns that are successful would never even get a foot in the door if they lived where i lived. It's easy to be the best dj or the popular rapper when you come from a city as small as pittsburgh, etc... I could win a marathon with 5 people in it, but try to win one with 1 million people in it. New York is the birthplace of hiphop and the mecca of basketball. That is just the facts. Many of the greatest bball players of all time and ALL the greatest MCees of all time are from New York or the surrounding tri-state area. period. 
We're not dissing other places, but I'm not gonna jump on any bandwagon like sooo many New York rappers and djays have. I'm proud of the style of hiphop we make, and the contributions and trends we set forth. I'm also proud and happy to live in and do what i set out to do in the greatest city in the world. There's a reason everyone wants to come here.

So i made this mix using all NY themed songs. I know there is many songs that represent New York or the overall vibe of NY, but i limited the mix to songs that are specifically about New York. I also left out a few because of time constraints and personal preference. Maybe i'll do a part 2 one day. I hope you enjoy the mix and hope this brings a lil bit of the NY vibe to your ears... 

With that being said, i would like to also thank Amare Stoudemire for being the first NBA super-star to have the balls to come to NY in a long time and put the Knicks on his back last year, not fearing all the media scrutiny and insane pressure. I know he got paid 100mil, lol, but soo many others passed on the job because they fear the real spotlight. I am soo happy with how he is helping transform the culture of NY basketball at MSG and how he is conducting himself off the court, and on the court for sure! Thank you Amare, now lets get it!!!!!! We got SHUMPERT, LIN, CHANDLER, n MELO all ready to go to war! Can't wait for Baron to get healthy!

P.S. i would also like to apologize for playing a remake of "black n yellow" on this mix, lol, but it's a Knicks song, "stat n melo" and i had too. Those that know me, know i cringe and feel sick when i hear songs like black n yellow. you know what it is.... 

please visit and check out all the awesome shirts & hoodies... TRUST ME, he got treats from the Supreme Clientel, RIP Guru, More Guns Than Roses, Illuminati, Real Djays, I RUN NY shirts and many many more. 
DJ JS-1 and

present the.... I RUN NY Mix

1-coming home intro
2- stat n melo - Judge Hyp
3-new york - Cat Power
4-where it started at NY - Hi-Tek feat Jadakiss, Papoose,
          Talb Kweli, Raekwon
5-NY State of Mind - Nas
6-NY State of Mind 2 - Nas
7-NY salute - MOP
8-streets of new york blend - Rakim 
9-t.o.n.y. - CNN
10-walk in new york - Onyx
11-escape from new york instr - Sadat X
12-welcome to new york city - Camron feat Jay Z
13-down n out in new york city - James Brown
14-empire state of mind - Jay Z feat Alicia Keys
15-NY ya out there? - Rakim
16-reppin' new york - DJ JS-1 feat Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz,
                                       & Freddie Foxxx
17-streets of new york - Kool G Rap
18-down in new york city - Evidence
19-new york straight talk - Gansgtarr
20-new york - Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss
21-open letter to NYC - The Beastie Boys
22-NYC Everything - Rza & Methodman
23-represent interlude - A Tribe Called Quest and Biz
24-new york - Raekwon & Ghostface
25-sound of the police - BDP
26-NY Sh*T (JS-1 blend)  - Busta Rhmyes
27-new york, new york - Grandmaster Glash & the Furious Five
28-native new yorker - Odyssey
29-new york, new york  - The Last Poets
30-new york - Frank Sinatra
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November 6, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Once Upon a Time in America Mix"

I was originally intending on dropping this new mix on Halloween but i was busy and didn't have the time to upload it and all that. Sooo, slightly late, here it is, my latest mix, "Once Upon A Time in America..."
Over the years i have consistently been giving people free mixes to listen too.  For those who have been supporting me and checking out my mixes, you already know the amount of skill and time that goes into making them. To be honest, i dont hear too many djays coming with skillful and unique mixes too often. Most of the time it's a bunch of nonsense with a whole lot of talking or yelling over it. Nothing worse than generic mixes with nothing but new songs you can hear on the radio. If you see a mix and it's titled something like "HIP HOP #17", LOL,  or something like that, it's probably not that good. I try to have the cover artwork match the music, never play typical crap, and dig a lil deeper to bring some different styles of music to everyone. I'm always happy with my mixes, and dont plan on stopping any time soon. This latest mix is a collection of songs from different genres of music that somewhat fit the theme. NO, it's not a whole mix of cowboy music, lol, but the songs do fit the theme to me. I left out a few obvious ones but included great music from Led Zep, to Nas, to The Beatles, to Tom Petty, to The Gorillaz, Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, NIN, Rage, Jay Z, Nirvana, The Smiths, etc... this mix spans 80 minutes with over 75 songs blended together with some movies quotes and scratches. Please spread the word and share these free mixes with your friends. Retweeting this page or sharing it on facebook would be helpful to me. Just trying to get these mixes heard, i make no money from them. Thanks soo much for appreciating my time, energy, passion, and most of all my mixes...
"In this world there is 2 types of people my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig..."
DJ JS-1's
"Once Upon A Time in America...."
(song titles only)
  1- intro (make ya famous)
  2-welcome to a blaze of glory (mashup)
  3-when the levy breaks
  4-you dont know how it feels
  5-running out of days
  6-wanted dead or alive vs lollipop (mashup)
  7-hotel california (goldrush mix)
  8-Good Ol' Boys (dixie mix)
  9-cant you hear me knockin'
10-life for the taking
11-in the city
12-ripped open by metal explosions
13-drama blackcloth
14-dont come around here no more
15-jane says
16-rappin' duke
17-the joker (space cowboy mix)
18-watching the wheels
19-clint eastwood
20-wild cowboys instrumental
21-black cowboys
22-are you experienced
23-so whatcha want instrumental
24-down poison
25-stairway to heaven (manifest destiny mix)
26-what it's like
27-westside story vs the gambler (mashup)
28-big yellow taxi
29-dynamite boyz in the hood (mashup)
30-for mama
31-california love vs killing in the name of (mashup)
32-five to 1 vs top billin' (mashup)
33-just like you vs public service announcement (mashup)
34-If you got a love better (hold onto it) vs soldier of love (mashup)
35-waiting on the world to change
36-you know my name vs c rayz walz
37-dear diary
39- come together vs closer (mashup)
40- turn the page
41-paul revere
44-99 problems vs voodoo child (mashup)
45-we will rock you vs tipsy (mashup)
46-the posse (shoot 'em up)
47-hang 'em high dub
48-i shot the sheriff
49-it aint hard to tell vs break on through (mashup)
50-i need a dollar
51-midnight rider (trail blazin' mix)
52-what i got
53-im your captain
54-back in the new york groove
55-momma miss america
56-gimme the loot vs NIN (mashup)
57-cryin' like a bitch
58-how i could just kill a man (rage mix)
59-goin' back to cali vs dani cali (mashup)
60-travelin' man vs still havent found what im looking for (mashup)
63-50 ways to leave your lover
65-jack & diane
67-oh susanna instrumental
68-get rhythm vs insane in the brain (mashup)
69-walk this way vs all apologies (mashup)
70-listen to the music (lone ranger mix)
71-the seed
72-wont back down
73-this charming man
74-your mother should know
75-hear my train (acoustic version)
76-happy trails
77-the sheriff is near? outro...
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October 14, 2011

JS-1 on Halftime Radio Show (Oct 12)

The Halftime Radio Show has always been a staple in the hip hop community in New York since it's creation almost a decade and a half ago. It's one of the few radio shows that is transmitted on the FM dial that plays songs like this with guest djays like myself. I'm happy they play my songs and i appreciate being able to spin as well, bringing new indie hip hop to more people. This time i filled in for the entire show. I tried to play whatever newer tracks i had that i liked personally. There are some songs i forgot to play, couldn't fit in or didn't have clean versions. This is a decent straight up mix, recorded live from the radio show (i edited out the talking parts) with almost 2 full hours of treats. There is new songs from Common, Kool Keith, Bumpy Knuckles & Premier, Torae & Pete Rock, Showbiz & AG, Evidence, Rasheed Chappell, Maffew Ragazino, PH, and an exclusive KRS song i did that was never played before. There is lots of alright hip hop available and most of it is for free! You just need to search around a bit and get familiar with which sites to check and what names to look for. I got 1,000 new songs in the past few months and most of them are horrible, but 10% is ok. That still leaves me with 100 good tracks. Anyways, here is 44 tracks of brand new hip hop, cut up live on HALFTIME RADIO,
89.1 fm, oct 12th, 2011, 10:30pm to 1:00am (every wednesday)
special thanks to DJ Eclipse, Dj Skizz, Petey Cologne, Marz, and Navani... 
That night Eclipse, Skizz and Marz were missing in action and i was left alone with Navani to watch Petey struggle through reading the up coming events. I heard Eclipse flew to Alabama and was getting that Yelawolf tattoo he really wanted across his back. Skizz was busy working on his new dubstep dance moves, so he can dance properly to his next mixtape. And, Marz needs women, so hopefully he was looking for them.  I edited out all the talking segments and the part when yosemite sam called up while eating a bowl of gravel. Enjoy the show...
DJ JS-1 on...
The Halftime Radio Show:
 1 - What it Means - Silent Someone feat Sadat X
 2 - 1,2,3 - Rasheed Chappell feat Dj Scratch
 3 - The Epilouge - Evidence & Dj Premier
 4 - Blaxploitation - Maffew Ragazino
 5 - Slumlords - Maffew Ragazino
 6 - Awww Shux - PH (Pumpkinhead)
 7 - Pause - Silent Someone feat Daniel Joseph
 8 - War & Love - MED feat Oh No
 9 - Torae - You Ready?
10 - Let The Guns Blow - Dj Mickey Knox feat Nutso & Blaq Poet
11 - I Rap Like - Dj Skizz feat Krumbsnatcha & Big Noyd
12 - Magick Without Tears - Maffew Ragazino
13 - Show & A - Showbiz & AG
14 - Despair - KRS & DJ JS-1
15 - Well Runs Dry - Evidence feat Krondon
16 - King Latifah - PH (Pumpkinhead)
17 - That Raw - Torae & Pete Rock
18 - Chicken & Watermelon - Sauce Money feat Wais P
19 - Love Love - Kyle Rapps feat Homeboy Sandman
20 - God is 4 Us - Showbiz & AG
21 - Suspended Animation - Showbiz & AG
22 - Free Thinkers - Tragedy
23 - Hood - Sonnie Carson feat Billy Danze
24 - New Type Sumtin - Truth feat PF Cuttin
25 - Saumurydas - The Academy feat Raekwon & Kurupt
26 - Brilliance - SPOX PhD (Oxygen & Spinna)
27 - Beats By the Pound  - Soulbrotha feat Large Professor & Nutso
28 - Anybody Can Get It - Snowgoons feat MOP
29 - Ain't Hard To Find - Dj Absurd feat Dead Poets & Pacewon
30 - Chill - JoJo Pellegrino
31 - Concrete - Blacastan feat V-Zilla
32 - GPS - Cesar Comanche & Dj Flash feat Ghettosocks
33 - Born in the Trap - The Game & Dj Premier
34 - Blue Sky - Common
35 - Fake - Bumpy Knuckles & Dj Premier
36 - B4 - Silent Someone feat Emskee
37 - The Voice - Soul Khan
38 - Black Prince - Tragedy
39 - Rock Steady - H.A.P.H.
40 - Supa Supreme - Kool Keith
41 - Extreme Status - Kool Keith 
42 - Me - Kyle Rapps
43 - Jaws - Roc Marciano
44 - We Not Playin - UG & Ill Bill

July 4, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Dance MegaMix"

I took a month or so off to focus on my album, NO ONE CARES, which is out now. Thank you to everyone for your support, and if you didnt hear it, try to check it out. Soooo, I finally got around to doing another mix. I dont like to just put out anything, so i did something a lil different this time. This is a mix of older dance songs. It is almost 2 hours long and i "quick-mixed" in order to play tons of tracks. I kinda bounced around on the style of dance but tried to play a lot of the old school house records i liked. I'm a big fan of todd terry & masters at work, etc... I tried to reflect that in the mix. Lots of records from this era were using hip hop breaks & samples, and cuts. They were sampling older disco tracks and doing edits. It was great for bboys, dance (house & freeestyle) fans, hip hop fans, etc... Some of these songs were and still are HUGE in the club. Everyone liked some of these songs. There was different types of dance, the black people house music and white people house music is VERY different. lol. If there was one thing that latinos & italians had in common in NY it was Judy Torres and the Mic Mac records catalog. lol. Freestyle was it's own genre with good beats, but i did not include freestyle in this mix. I miiiight do an all freestyle music mix one day. Most of these songs were ripped from the original vinyl, some courtesy of Dj Ody-Roc and some from Dj Wayne (R.i.p.). The artwork is silly and probably been done a dozen times but i always wanted to do this mix n use that as the art. I hope you enjoy all these dance tracks blended together...

(i'll be posting the tracklisting (JUST SONG TITLES ONLY)
very soon...)

May 5, 2011


"NO ONE CARES" (Ground Original 3) will drop on June 21st, 2011...
This is the first leaked song from the upcoming album....
This track was recorded a while ago...  It's pretty much self explanatory. 
Although there has been a backlash against artists who still make that boom bap sound,
I remain true to what i love & what i do. I wish there was some more of us out there...
Like the hook says, "i be hatin' sucka mcees & the sucka djays...."
please retweet & repost this, only because it annoys people who make corny music
in skinny jeans... they hate this stuff. 
the single & video feat TONEDEFF are coming 6/7... 
album out 6/21...

March 28, 2011

DJ JS-1 "WikiBreaks"

Here's another mix for everyone to enjoy... 
The "WikiBreaks" mix is a lil' over an hour of breaks from funk, disco, re-edits, and some hiphop tracks that are not the most popular. I made most of the mix using two turntables, and then added some scratches & phrases from movies, pop-culture, commercials, etc...  As you download yet another free mixtape i give out, i do hope you realize and appreciate the value of a good mix. There is an over-abundance of wanna-be djays: posers, strippers, clowns, reality tv losers, athletes, d-list celebs, promoters, anyone with a laptop, and even the coat-check chick spins... With all these djays you would think there would be more incredible mixes to listen too, more than there was 15 years ago when there was less djays? Yet, there is not many today, but i have dozens of cassettes from the 90's with great mixes. Perhaps it's because even the djays capable of making great mixes, don't really do that anymore. There's very few. It takes more than just playing what people know and like, or playing some exclusive detox tracks that are HORRIBLE and no one gives a shit about anyway, or just scratching really fast, or just "mashing up" any two different songs, or having "catchy" artwork, or playing an electro song that sounds like its 98 minutes long, etc... It takes a whole lot, that apparently most djays lack, or are simply lazy and ONLY do dj for $ not for the love of what it means to be a DJ. So whenever any DJ puts together something that obviously took time and dedication, we should appreciate their effort to keep the true mixtape essence alive,  although it's all downloads and digital 1 & 0's... I guess we can try to keep the quality on par while most fell off or missed the boat. "Tradition means that we need to end what began well and continue what is worth continuing..." Well, I'll continue to keep making really dope mixes with good music, over here... 

Please repost & retweet this to friends who you think might also enjoy this instead of wack remixes of lady gaga impersonating madonna... 

New DJ JS-1 full length album coming this spring...
"NO ONE CARES.... (Ground Original 3)"
feat KRS, Joell Ortiz, Kool G Rap, Tonedeff, Guilty Simpson, Freddie Foxxx,
Blaq Poet, Ill Bill, Jeru, Lil Fame, Akrobatik, Torae, Sadat X, Homeboy Sandman, 
Eternia, Ras Kass, Rahzel and many, many, many more....

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February 8, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Valentine's Mix"

This is a Valentine's mix i did last year. Many of you may have downloaded this already.
I decided to re-post it, although it is already on this blog... I hope you enjoy it...
If love is blind, why is lingerie soo popular?

tracklisting: (80 tracks)

1 - lets love - ohio players
2 - love tko - teddy pendergrass
3 - just the way you are - barry white version
4 - make me say it again girl - isley bros
5 - a woman's worth - alicia keys
6 - dick in a box - andy samberg and justin timberlake
7 - bump 'n grind - R Kelly
8 - rock wit'cha - bobby brown
9 - footsteps in the dark - isley bros
10 - sweet thing - chaka khan
11 - come live with me angel - marvin gaye
12 - you got me - the roots & erykah badu
13 - fulton street - leschea
14 - let's get it on - marvin gaye
15 - i'm glad you're mine - al green
16 - between the sheets - isley bros
17 - what you won't do for love - bobby caldwell
18 - ordinary love - sade
19 - i'd rather be with you - bootsy collins
20 - love no limit - mary j blige
21 - computer love - zapp 
22 - come & talk to me remix - jodeci
23 - can we talk remix - tevin campbell
24 - someone - swv
25 - love of my life - erykah badu & common
26 - can't take my eyes off of you - lauryn hill
27 - no one - alicia keys
28 - stay with me - debarge
29 - why don't we fall in love - amerie
30 - soldier of love - sade
31 - no one else - total
32 - spread love remix - 45 king & take 6
33 - that's the way love goes remix - janet jackson 
34 - i love you remix - mary j blige & smiff n wesson
35 - killing me softly vs bonita applebaum - lauryn hill & tribe called quest
36 - tell me - groove theory
37 - baby i love you - aretha franklin
38  - hey love - stevie wonder
39  - let me love you - mario
40 - step in the name of love - r kelly
41 - reminisce remix - mary j blige
42  - right here vs human nature - swv vs michael jackson
43  - love you inside out - bee gees
44  - open your eyes - bobby caldwell
45  - you should be mine - brian mcknight
46 - all night long - mary jane girls
47 - sending my love - zhane
48 - hold on - en vogue
49 - anything - swv
50 - love's theme - love unlimited orchestra
51 - love and happiness - al green
52 - every little thing you do - christopher williams
53 - sexual healing vs express yourself - marvin gaye vs nwa
54 - get it on tonight - montell jordan
55 - how deep is your love vs make the music - bee gees vs biz markie
56 - i'm curious - midnight star
57 - just wanna hold you tight - tara kemp
58 - a little bit of love - new edition
59 - set adrift on memory bliss - pm dawn
60 - too hype (hiphop remix) - entouch
61 - once in a lifetime groove vs sucker mcees - new edition vs run dmc
62 - outstanding - gap band
63 - good love vs i made love - sheek louch vs little shawn
64 - i can't help it - michael jackson
65 - waiting for your love - toto
66 - let's stay together - al green
67 - for the love of you - isley bros
68 - don't walk away - jade
69 - ain't nobody - chaka khan
70 - is it good to you - teddy riley & tammy lucas
71 - darling darling baby - ojays
72 - l-o-v-e - al green
73 - your love - james brown
74 - just a touch of love - slave
75 - let's get married remix - jagged edge vs run dmc
76 - never knew love like this before - stephanie mills
77 - i wanna be your love - prince
78 - love come down - evelyn king
79 - isn't she lovely - stevie wonder
80 - to be love - jackie wilson

1 hour 43 min megamix

January 27, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Rainy Nights Mix" (30 min)

This is a 30 minutes mix of mellow breaks... 
There is no tracklisting...

Weather is a great metaphor for life -
 sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad,
 and there's nothing much you can do about it 
but carry an umbrella... ella... ella... a...

January 20, 2011

DJ JS-1 "Seeerious Mix 2"

This is the 2nd installment of my "Seeerious Mixes." These mixtapes are collections of
the 20 minute segments i did for SIRIUS Satellite Radio's Wax Channel in 2005.
I used some of my favorite mixes for Seeerious Radio Mix part 1, which you can also download for free on this blog. Some of the remaining mixes i used for this one, part 2... Enjoy...

DJ JS-1 "Seeerious Mixtape Part 2"

-corners – common vs dre
-moment of silence – nas vs corners – common
-pop shots – ole dirty bastard and dj premier
-live as it gets – edo g and pete rock
-don’t get it confused – beatnuts & rahzel (dissin j-lo n trackmasters)
-all I know – mr. cheeks n pete rock
-in the ghetto – notorious b.i.g. 
-the blvd connection – edo g, masta ace, common
-long live redman freestyle – redman
-gilla house check – redman
-freeway - 
-the potion – ludacris
- busta rhymes n dr. dre
-bump dat remix – 50 cent
-checkmate – jada kiss
-dear summer – jay z
-feel it in the air – beanie
-no comparison – buckshot n 9th wonder
-dreamer – masta ace n edo g
-eminem - 
-hustler – Cassidy vs dre
-rap chicks (JS remix) – red cafĂ©
-lets get blown – snoop dogg
-light ur ass on fire (JS remix) – busta rhymes
-groupie luv remix – 213
-potion – ludacris
-canibus vs stand up – ludacris
-jay-z vs game
-tupac vs dre
-carry the cross (JS remix) – nas
-100 guns, 100 clips – jadakiss
-big l and big pun
-24 hrs to live – easy e vs the game
-lean on me – big daddy kane vs court is in session – chill rob g
-big payback – epmd
-court is in session (bboy remix) – chill rob g
-original stylin' – three times dope
-ease back – ultramagnetic mcees
-new jack hustler – ice t
-don’t sweat the technique (remix) – rakim
-peace is not the word 2 play – main source
-public enemy # 1 – public enemy vs who’s gonna take the weight – gangstarr
-gets no rougher – ll cool j vs mighty hard rocker – dj cash money
-real niggaz – n.w.a.
-wicked – ice cube
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January 2, 2011



Dj Muggs asked me to get a few mixes from some dope djays i know. Muggs wanted to help bring some light to and showcase some good djays on his Sirius/XM Satellite Radio Show, "The West Wing" that he does along with Mr Choc from the Beat Junkies. The show is on XM66 and Shade45 airing every monday night from 10pm til 12am. We did 6 segments that will be airing individually on his show over the next few months or so. Most people could only dream of being as dope, successful, respected, and nice as Muggs... shout out to the homies Dj Muggs & Mr Choc for allowing us to shine on THEIR show... 
Here is one continuous 3 hour mix of all our segments combined...
we called it THE EAST WING... 

DJ JS-1: 
(30 min)
2-Ny State of Mind Break (Nas) w KRS 
3-Choose Your Mind Break (La Coka Nostra)
4-Cold Blood (Game)
5-Whut Up Gangsta (50 Cent)
6-The Truth (Beanie) vs D&D AllStars (Jeru)
7-Queens (LL Cool feat 50 Cent & Prodigy) 
8-Kill A Rapper Break (KRS)
9-Breathe (Fabolous)
10-Amateurs Radio Break 
11-I F*ckin' Hate Rappers (Pack FM)
12-Welcome To New York City (Jay Z)
13-All Hell's Breakin' Loose (Blaq Poet) vs The Symphony (Kool G Rap)
14-Wild For the Night Break (Rampage)
15-The Warning (Biggie)
16-Curtis 187 Break (50 Cent)
17-Hardcore (Illa Ghee)
18-Righteous Kill (Vinnie Paz)
19-Hustlers (Nas & Game) vs Still Dre (Dre)
20-Spit Break (Showbiz & AG)
21-Lyrics is Back (Spinna & Torae)
22-Bronz Niggaz Domingo Remix (Big Pun)
23-If We Can't Build (Akrobatik)
24-Hardcore Rap Singer (Biggie)
25-In The Dope Spot (Game)
26-Banned From TV (Nore)
27-Ghost Deini (Ghostface) vs Hardcore (EPMD)
28-Halftime (Nas) vs Mortal Thought (KRS)
29-Black Smiff N Wesson (Blackmoon) vs The Governator
30-Reign of the Tec (Beatnuts)
31-Its Yourz (Wu Tang Clan)
32-Gangbusters Break (Grand Wizard Theodore) 
33-Earth People (Dr Octagon / Kool Keith)
34-Bump Dat Break (Mobb Deep & 50 Cent)
35-2nd Round KO (Canibus)
36-Who's Real (JadaKiss & Swizz)
37-Simon Says Break (Pharoahe Monch)
38-How About Some Hardcore (MOP)
39-Party Crashers (Double Barrel)
40-Made You Look (Nas) vs Murder (Chino XL & JS1)
41-Can I Get It Yo Remix Break (RUN DMC)
42-Bust Ya Shit (Gangstarr) vs Keep It Thorough (Prodigy)
43-Get Urself Up (KRS)
44-I'm Ill Break (Red Cafe)
45-More Styles Break (Herbaliser)
46-Set it Off (PHD) vs Party N Bullshit (Biggie)
47-Road To the Riches Break (Kool G Rap)
48-Suck My Dick Break (Troubleneck Brothers)
49-Murder Rap (Above the Law)

(30 min)
2-I used to love her - Common (Slynkee Re-Dun)
3-passin' me by -pharcyde
4-Ill Street Blues - Kool G Rap (Slynkee Re-Dun) 
5-Mic Checka - Das EFX
6-Born to Roll - Masta Ace
7-Shakila -PRT
8-Put it on -Big L (Slynkee Re-Dun)
9-Shut Em Down -P.E (Slynkee Re-Dun)
10-Made U Look -Nas (Slynkee Re-Dun)
11-PSK - Schooly D
12-Roxanne Roxanne - UTFO
13-Steppin to the am -3rd Bass
14-Let the Rhythm Hit Em -Rakim (Slynkee Re-Dun)
15-New Jack Hustler - Ice T
16-Mystery of Chessboxing -Wu Tang (Slynkee Re-Dun)
17-Know the Ledge - Rakim

(30 min)
2-Victory/Project Boy (Blend) - Notorious BIG
3-Fat Pockets RMX - Showbiz & AG
4-Runnin' - Pharcyde
5-On The Run/Soul Sister (Blend) - Kool G Rap
6-So Ghetto/Defeat (Blend) - Jay Z
7-It Ain't Hard To Tell/I'm Ill (Blend) - Nas
8-Made You Look RMX ? Gangrene (Blend) - Jadakiss
9-Rite Where You Stand/Kush (Blend) - JadaKiss
10-Ante Up RMX/Get UP (Blend) - Busta & Remy Ma
11-Twinz/Criminology (Blend) - Big Pun & Fat Joe
12-Children's Story/Drop A Gem On Em (Blend) - Slick Rick
13-7th Chamber - Wu Tang Clan
14-I Gotcha Open RMX - Black Moon
15-One Day/U All (Blend) - Jeru
16-Keep It Thorough/Real Live Shit (Blend) - Prodigy
17-90% of Me - Gwen Mcrae
18-Just Hangin' Out - Main Source

(30 min)
1-Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day
2- Bootsy Collins - I'd Rather Be With You
3- Bobby 'Blue' Bland - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City 
4- Tracy Lee feat. The Notorious B.I.G. - Keep Ya Hands High
5- Snoop Doggy Dog - Murder Was The Case
6- Jay-Z - D'Evils
7- The Doors - Five To One
8- Capone-N-Noreaga - LA, LA (Remix)
9- Q-Ball & Curt Cazal - My Kinda Moves
10- King Tee - Played Like A Piano (Intro)
11- K-Solo - Fugitive
12- Nine - Whutcha Want?
13- Raekwon - Criminology
14- The Alkaholiks - Daaam!
15- Faze-O - Riding High
16- Steve Miller - Fly Like An Eagle
17- Mad Lion - Take It Easy
18- Gang Starr - Dwyck (Verse)
19- Gang Starr - Now You're Mine
20- Whodini - 5 Minutes Of Funk
21- Malcolm McLaren - World's Famous
(30 min)
1-Bosses (Reef the Lost Cauze)
2-Respect the Flow (Nutso)
3-Three Greats (Reef the Lost Cauze)
4-Drag you To Hell (Vinnie Paz)
5-Going Back (Xzibit)
6-My Story Is Yours (Lord Tariq)
7-Im Gone (Fat Joe)
8-Nose Bleed (RA the Rugged Man)
9-Scratch Juggle (Dj Young C)
10-End of Days (Vinnie Paz ft Block McCloud)
11-The Heat (Raekwon)
12-The Uncrushable (Ill Bill, Sicknature)
13-Back Up On the Scene (The Artifacts)
14-Goldyn Chyld 2 (Rass Kass)
15-Keeping On (Koncept)
16-Blow Up (El Da Sensei)
17-Snowgoons Dynasty (Freestyle)

(30 min)
1- Soulassassins intro
2- West Coast Shit Ody Roc Cuts
3- Artifacts - C'mon With the git down
4- gangstarr - the planet
5- nas - n.y state of mind
6- mobb deep - eye for a eye
7- wu-tang - cash still rules
8- das efx feat krs one - represent the real
9- mobb deep - right back at you
10- artifacts - wass up now muthafucka
11- lord finess big l - yes you may (remix)
12- big l & dj premier - mvp
13- mobb deep - shook ones part 1
14- mobb deep acd - street life
15- n.o.r.e kool g rap - 40 island
16- mobb deep -  q.u. hectic
17- pete rock inspectah deck kurupt - tru master

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