February 1, 2012


Every Sunday night on Sirius/Xm's "Hip Hop Nation", DJ Eclipse and Torae
do their show called "Rap Is Outta Control." On jan 29th, 2012, i filled in for Eclipse
while he was out on the road with La Coka Nostra. This show brings you the best new underground hiphop. I went through a lot of the newer hiphop and tried to pick songs
that i personally liked or appreciate. Nowadays since EVERYONE makes music, there is tons of demos to listen to, mixed in with actual artist and albums. I only play what i like and don't support some of the nonsense that has infiltrated "underground" hiphop. There is tons of dudes imitating other rappers, tons of producers imitating other producers, etc.. That's not what hiphop is all about. So on this show i did my best to rock what i thought was worthy or notable. There is lots of newer MCees and still several veterans in the game bringing you good music. When doing a "mix" show, i don't like playing whole songs, afterall it is a "mix" show. If you like any of these tracks, you can go buy them on itunes or support by buying the CD from sites like ughh.com and fatbeats.com. I'd like to thank Dj Eclipse for doing a show like this with little reward. It's hard work and you have to deal with several people who complain and harass you, like me. lol. I hope you enjoy this new mix, and hope you support some of these new artists like Soul Khan, Homeboy Sandman, Rasheed Chappell, Blacastan, etc... I chose this picture for the cover, simply because "rap IS outta control..." 

"Some things in life are out of your control, you can make it a party or a tragedy..."

DJ JS-1 on Rap is Outta Control 1/29/12

1- RIOC intro w Kool G Rap & AG
2- Rasheed Chappell - Break Loose w Dj Scratch 
3- Gee Dubs - I Dont Care
4-Evidence - Late for the Sky
5-Rah BoomBap- Gem Star
6-Rasheed Chappell - I Know 
7-Maffew Ragazino - Short Yellow Bus Theory
8--Punchline & Fokis - Enemy of the State
9-Torae - You Ready? 
10-Showbiz & AG - Show & A 
11-Blacastan - Blac Magic 
12-Common - Raw (How U Like It)
13-Timbo King - Tombstone 
14-PH - King Latifah 
15-Torae - That Raw 
16-Nas  & Dj Premier - Re_Generation 
17-DJ JS-1 & KRS - Despair 
18-Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown - Volume 
19-Meyhem Lauren - Queens 
20-Homeboy Sandman - Canned Goods 
21-Cunninlynguists - Stars Shine Bright 
22-Evidence - Fame
23-Showbiz & AG - Bronx Shit 
24-BDP (KRS) - Tote Gunz 
25-Fashawn - Generation F
26-Bumpy Knuckles & Premier - We are at War 
27-Grand Puba & Hell Razah - Writings on the Wall
28-JoJo Pellegrino - Only One
29-Natural Elements - Done 
30-Neek the Exotic & Large Pro - Still on the Hustle
31-Reef the Lost Cauze & Snowgoons - Big Shots
32-Soul Khan - Ra's Al Ghul 
33-Styles P - Children 
34-Dj Doom feat Blacastan - U Just Mad 
35-Dj Skizz feat Timeless Truth & Nutso - Santo Remedio 
36-The Funk League feat Diamond D - The Boogie Down Bombers 
37-DJ JS-1 feat Blacastan - Hold Ya Breath 
38-Koncept - Watch the Sky Fall 
39-Dj Doom feat KrumbSnatcha - Rookies 
40-Edo G - Fast Lane 
41-The Regiment & Bodega Brovas - The Show Must Go On
42-La Coka Nostra - Malverde Market
43-Truth feat JS-1 - The Greatest Force 
45-Erick Sermon - Way Out 
46-MOP & Snowgoons - Anyone Can Get It 
47-Royce Da 5'9" - Second Place 
48-Rah BoomBap feat Kool Sphere - NYC Agenda
49-Truth feat Sean P - New Type Sumthin' 
50-J-Live - Authentic
51-Punchline & Dj SoulClap - I Go On 


  1. The music above is perfect for dance party and other gathering events. Additionally, the cover is humorous too.

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