July 23, 2012

DJ JS-1 "Demolition Mix"

It's finally here... The 3 hour long "DEMOlition Mix" is complete. For the past year or two i collected a bunch of demos from many of our favorite hip hop artists. I have a collection of approximately 350 to 400 demos and rare tracks. I narrowed that down to my favorite 100 and made this mix. There is a few things to keep in mind about this new mix. First, these are all demos, many of them from cassette tapes, poorly recorded, duplicated n copied over the years, played on radio shows, etc, so the sound quality is not top notch. The sound is the best it could be considering what this is. i had to leave out several of the famous Wu Tang demos and some Mobb Deep demos because of the extremely poor quality. Second, when i say demo, i mean that lightly. Many of these are actual "demos" in the traditional sense of the first recordings they made to shop for record deals. Others are unreleased songs, some that are not completed, some are songs that have been released but this is the original version or unreleased remix. Some are just very rare unreleased songs that i wouldn't necessarily classify as a "demo". And finally, these are my favorites. Like i said, i have 400, so i picked the ones i personally like to listen to the most. Please do not contact me to tell me which rare demo you know of that i missed or didn't play unless you are emailing me the file and thanking me for making such an unmatched plethra of mixtapes. Also,  I'm sure there is demos and freestyles from wocka flocka, drake's uni-brow, mac miller's cousin and asap rocky's partner asap bullwinkle, but i used songs from only the greatest like krs-one, biggie, rakim, kool g rap, big daddy kane, nas, run dmc, tribe, del, organized konfusion, lord finesse, etc...  For most people this is getting 3 hours and almost 100 songs by your favorite classic hip hop groups that are brand new, but made in the golden era years. It's really a nice treat and it will take you a while to listen all the way through. 
I doubt there is anyone who heard EVERY single track in this mix. Even the biggest hip hop fiend and collector is sure to find something on here to make them look twice. This whole mix is worth it just for the unreleased KRS-ONE and DJ PREMIER track that didn't make the Return of the Boom Bap album
Thank You Dj Premier for letting me have that. I promise we won't sell a few thousand white label 12"'s to japan. hahaha. The 3rd Bass and Brand New Heavies track is also a really good one to check out. Of course all the Rakim songs on here are sure to make you press rewind once or twice. I think the DMX track like Unstoppable Force will surprise people. I love the Biggie reference track for Lil Kim. That's been around for the longest, but it's classic and i die laughing everytime he says stuff like "i suck dick better than you." lmao. man, mr. cee must have been loving this track. I wish i had the reference tracks Treach did for Queen Latifah or all the ones everyone did for Dr. Dre. anyways... The first song, with RUN DMC doing the original to the Beastie Boys Slow N Low is really bugged out too. I'd like to know the story behind how soo many different songs were made. For those who never heard the Scenario Freestyle version or the Rampage freestyle with LL Cool J's second verse, then you are in for a big treat! There is also no other mix available that is 3 hours long, with this amount of rare material, and cut up and blended the way i do it. The track-listing should speak for itself. This is certainly a mix for your all-time collection. It is long (3 hours), so the file size is fairly large (270mb), but well worth the download. 
Obviously you can see the amount of time and energy i put into making these special mixes for everyone. I do ask in return that you really help me get these mixes out there on the internet for people to hear. please tell your friends on facebook and twitter. let them know! retweet and post, please. If you work on any official hiphop site, this mix should be posted there. Soo many people have no clue there is still a few djays like myself left that is posting mixes like this. Let's be serious, most mixtpe djays nowadays are charging up-n-coming kids to put their demo on some bullshit mixtape. That's as corny as rappers who think they made mixtapes... But not as bad as rappers n singers who think they dj.
Pull out ya money, pull out ya cut, pull up a chair... 
I hope you enjoy this and appreciate the history and super-special rare treats hidden in this mix. Since i have soo many left, this will probably be a volume 1, with volume 2 coming next year. For now, I'd like to thank a bunch of my fellow dj friends, collectors, others who inspire me to do mixes likes this, and those who help me find some of these treats. Thank You....  i don't forget any of you and remember all you do for me. Just you remember that every time you see a fake dj, someone posing as a dj, disrespecting djaying, pleeeease, slap the shit out them. No matter how "hip hop" you think you are and how cool and knowledgeable you perceive yourself to be, there is ALWAYS more to learn and more treats to find. The 80's and 90's for hip hop were not just the same 100 songs every idiot dj has in their serato. There is thousands of songs, so dig, dig, dig, and dig some more...

 1-demolition intro
 2-slow n low (unreleased demo) - run dmc
 3-touchdown (demo) - snoop dogg 
 4-slaves - cenubites
 5-untitled (unreleased demo 1996) - t la rock n react
 6-queen bitch (reference trk original) - biggie
 7-capital r.a.s. - ras kass
 8-i wanna be president - channel live
 9-untitled - grand puba
10-raise it up - large pro (main source)
11-chillin' w marley marl promo - mc lyte
12-1 flip styles - sadat x, grand puba, diamond d
13-open mic - eminem
14-remain anonymous - ras kass
15-untitled - grand puba
16-get live (unreleased demo) - rahzel n organized konfusion
17-props over here (original demo) - the beatnuts
18-give up the goods (original demo) - mobb deep
19-come on - sadat x n biggie
20-untitled (go queensbridge) - tragedy
21-check a bitch - kool g rap
22-unofficial mahogany 2? (unreleased demo) - rakim
23-getz funky - ESP (tha alkaholiks)
24-you got dat - edo g
25-time - large pro (main source)
26-don't ask for money - grand daddy iu
27-peace prosperity n paper - a tribe called quest
28-poor young dave - snoop doog
29-backstabber - eminem
30-how ya livin' - brand nubians
31-like this - freddie foxxx (bumpy knuckles)
32-keep ya mouth shut - lord finesse
33-cool n calm - pete rock n cl smooth
34-step into the ozone (demo) - oc
35-to each his own - showbiz n ag
36-enter the dragon - kool g rap
37-midnight wrecka - pete rock n cl smooth
38-survival of the fittest  - mobb deep
39-nas will prevail - nas
40-international arrival - organized konfusion
41-it's gettin' hectic (unreleased from return of the boom bap lp) 
     - krs-one n dj premier
42-represent (original demo) - nas n dj premier
43-machine gun funk (premier remix) - biggie n dj premier
44-i'm not superman - gangstarr
45-hard to kill (original demo) - showbiz n ag
46-it gets no better - casual n pep luv
47-welcome to the grooveyard (demo) - ESP (tha alkaholiks)
48-scenario (unreleased demo) - the beastie boys
49-three little pigs - dmx
50-everythings cool (demo) - rakim
51-coyote - jungle brothers
52-flip dat shit - naughty by nature n onyx n biggie
53-georgie porgie - a tribe called quest n brand nubians
54-bootleggin' - large pro (main source)
55-word to the wise - del
56-fat for the 90's (demo) - lord finesse n ag
57-props (unreleased) - 3rd bass n brand new heavies
58-untitled (freestyle demo) - special ed
59-i'm convinced - showbiz n ag
60-biggie got the hype shit (demo) - biggie
61-take it back to brooklyn (demo) - ole dirty bastard 
62-untitled - nas
63-principal of the new school - big l
64-can you feel it - casual
65-bust a lil somethin' - lord finesse
66-i declare war - kool g rap
67-stunt of the block - super kids (tragedy)
68-county blues (freestyle demo) - snoop dogg
69-call me conceited - edo g
70-who stole the clipprs (1991) - common sense
71-scenario (cypher demo) - atcq, lons, de la soul, blacksheep
72-the mighty one - do it all (lords of the undergound)
73-it ain't where ya from - king sun
74-9mm rhymes - kurious
75-rasta imposter (freestyle) - ll cool j
76-"a" for effort - common sense
77-bring the rock - new style (naughty by nature)
78-it's my thing - grand puba
79-just another day in the projects - nas
80-rampage (unreleased freestyle demo) - ll cool j n epmd
81-d nice rocks (call me d nice demo) - d nice
82-cooling one day - organized konfusion
83-check the fine print - the artifacts
84-ice cream man - method man
85-unstoppable force - dmx
86-scuffin' those knees - the new style (naughty by nature)
87-mind ova matter - organized konfusion
88-caliente (demo version) - cypress hill
89-hypnotic (unreleased demo) - rakim
90-biterphobia - eminem
91-raw (remix demo) - big daddy kane n kool g rap
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  1. Now you know i'm clapping & jumping up right now..Salute to JS-1 for putting this out !! It's already on my blog...




    DJ ROZ

  4. THX - unheard Biggie, Kurious and LL Freestyle is really ill...
    Would appreciate if you could send me the Kurious - 9mm rhymes in full.

    People tend to forget that LL is a battle tested.


  5. This shit is unprecedented.

  6. Classic shit! Props

  7. Sup player!!! I know you got mixes for days, respect for that! This mix will be on Disco Scratch, P-R-O-P-S!!!

  8. Dialectable beatsJuly 24, 2012 at 6:00 PM

    Saluuuuuuute !!! To the gawd DJ JS-1 !

  9. Fucking Crazy!!! Thank You JS-1! I just downloaded it. havn't even listened yet Im still bugging off the list!

  10. oh yeah thank you for making an unmatched plethora of mixtapes! how bout some Strictly Dope (Tupac and Mc Roc T) A Day in the Life! maybe on vol. 2! Thanks again for this true gem!

  11. Whats up JS-1, been a while hope all is well. Thanks for the dose of TRUE HIP HOP!! Salute!!

  12. thank you js1. thank you hip hop.

  13. illshit!! really made my day, and plenty more to come!

  14. Beautiful, simply beautiful! Thank you so much!!!

    STaY BLeSS`n...

  15. yo is that Tony D with t la rock on track 5?

    1. no, that's MC React from Queens. I love Tony D tho!

  16. the rakim track is on there twice and mis labeled

  17. thanks! man epic. collection.

  18. Thanks


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  21. Everything a MIXTAPE should ever be! THANKS SO MUCH JS-1

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