February 19, 2013

DJ JS-1 "Say What Again Mix"

Here is another mix with several new hip hop tracks. This mix was done live in one shot, and then i added a few drops later. I went through approx 300 hundred songs from the past few months and picked the ones i personally liked. It is sad how many djays call themselves "hip hop" but have not supported or spun ANY new hip hop tracks in years. To simply say there is NO good hip hop coming out, or whatever excuses you may hear, is unacceptable. There is lots of new good music always being made. Yes, i have to search through tons of crap to pick the good stuff, but playing ONLY old records or obscure 45's does not make you a Hip Hop dj. Because of people like Dj Eclipse and Dj Premier who keep up with all the good current Hip Hop and play it for the masses, it is still around and able to be heard by those who appreciate it. Never talk sh*t if you are not supporting and helping. I am honored when they let me fill in on their radio shows. I was supposed to do Dj Premier's show Feb 4th but it was cancelled due to the snow-storm here in NYC. This mix is what i did for Dj Eclipse's show, Rap Is Outta Control. I know i get praise and thanks from many of the artists whose songs i spin, but i would also like to thank them for still making respectable hip hop music with traditional hip hop values. With that in mind, and this being Black History Month, maybe everyone who loves hip hop music, makes a living doing it, has benefited from it in any way, should all take the time to thank the pioneers like Jazzy Jay, GrandMaster Caz, Bambaataa, Kool Herc, T La Rock, Grand Wizard Theodore, Melle Mel, etc... We all know the stories and history of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Jackie Joyner Kersee, Jackie Robinson, Bill Russel, Arthur Ashe, Hank Aaron, Emmet Till, Marcus Garvey, Maya Angelou, Alex Haley, and Rosa Parks, but often take those around us for granted. These "old skool" pioneers, predominantly black men, set something in motion 40 years ago that has become one of the biggest cultural movements ever. It has done wonders for race relations globally and allowed soo many different doors to be opened for many, many people of all races. Millions of people around the world feel the same and are inspired by what they created from nothing. I always love being around people like Theodore, humble, happy, talented, and knowledgeable, etc... If you step back and look at the impact of scratching, bboying, rapping, graffiti, beatboxing, the clothing, the lingo, and the styles have had on the entire world, it's remarkable especially when you consider the environment most of these people grew up in. Yes, it has been misused and abused like most things that gain popularity and lead to monetary success, but it is undeniable that these people have changed the world. Although, Rap IS Outta Control, Hip Hop is still on point, evolving, kicking down doors and uniting people around the planet. You should definitely take the time to thank these people or tell some youngsters who they should be thanking. I never miss an opportunity to show my grattitude to them. I'm also thrilled to let you know that the ROCK STEADY CREW ANNIVERSARY will be BACK IN NEW YORK CITY, on july 28th, at Central Park's Summer Stage!!! it's working... it's working.... see you there!

Below is the tracklisting of my latest mix, SAY WHAT AGAIN!!! i rarely play full songs, i'm trying to give you a taste of what is out there, so maybe a handful of you might go support and buy some of these artist's music...


Rock Steady Crew

  1 - Dj Tray feat Tragedy, Milkbone, Godilla, Red Eye and Blacastan - The Truth
  2 - Prodigy - Give Em Hell (prod by Alchemist)
  3 - 9th Wonder and Murs - Funeral for a Killer (prod by 9th Wonder)
  4 - Gensu Dean and Planet Asia - Faces on the Dollar (prod by Gensu Dean)
  5 - Vinnie Paz feat Q-Unique - Shadow of the Guilotine (prod by Dj Lethal)
  6 - Jakk Frost feat Malik B, Tana Da Beast, Reef the Lost Cauze & FreeWay - Psycopath (Jak n Malik verses)
  7 - Doujah Raze feat Sean Price - The Way I Look
  8 - The Game feat Kanye and Common - Jesus Piece (Common verse) (prod by Kanye)
  9 - Bumpy Knuckles - Ask the Coach (prod by Freddie Foxxx)
10- Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson feat Torae - Potatoes (prod by Apollo Brown)
11 - Nusto feat Wais P, Punchline) - Sidewalk Talk (Wais P verse)
12 - Big Noyd - Light Up the Night (prod by Havoc)
13 - Apollo Brown and OC - Just Walk (prod by Apollo Brown)
14 - Sha Stimuli and Dynamite Bruhz feat Reks - Spazztastic
15 - Neek the Exotic - Til the Casket Drops (prod by RasBeats)
16 - Freak The Monsta and Werd Life feat DJ JS-1 - Sewer-Side 
17 - Czarface - It's Raw (prod by 7L)
18 - AG - The 21st Day - (prod by Bankrupt Europeans)
19 - Tek Tha Supah Latin - Crack Muzick (prod by Click tha Supah Latin)
20 - Sadat X - Daily 1,2 (prod by Showbiz)
21 - MC Eiht - The Reign (prod by Brenk Sinatra)
22 - Rapper Big Pooh - HGH
23 - Vstylez feat Ruste Juxx - Don't Cross That Line (prod by Moss)
24 - Big Noyd, Large Pro, Kool G Rap - Natrually Born (prod by Ayatollah cuts by Dj DutchMaster)        
25 - PKnuckle feat Big Twin and Ras Kass - This DJ (Ras Kass verse)
26 - Supastition - Yada Yada (prod by Marco Polo)
27 - Wu Block - Different Time Zones (Ghostface verse) (prod by Frank Dukes)
28 - Rise - Call Me Rise (prod by Bankrupt Europeans)
29 - CzarFace feat Oh No - Czar Refaeli (prod and cuts by 7L)
30 - D Strong - Homicide Bump
31 - The Game - Dead People (prod by Dr. Dre)
32 - Khaleel - Nobody Tryna Hear Ya (prod by Dj Premier)
33 - Mic Handz - In The Streets Again (prod by Alterbeats and cuts by Dj Modesty)
34 - Substance Abuse feat KRS - Rear View (KRS verse)
35 - Dynasty feat Talib Kweli - Still Shinin' (Dynasty verse) (prod by Jinx)
36 - Joey Badas$$ - Unorthodox (prod by Dj Premier)
37 - Ras Kass feat Guilty Simpson - Human Dogfight
38 - Truth - Time For Love and Tears (prod by JK one) (PF Cuttin' Mix)
39 - WyldBunch and Dj Qvali - Lost in the Mind (prod by Dj Qvali)
40 - Illa Ghee - Black Coffee
41 - Nusto feat Large Pro, El Da Sensei, Tony Touch - Just Begun (prod by Dj Doom, cuts by Dj Tha Boss)
42 - Nore feat Large Pro - Build Pyramids (prod by Large Pro)
43 - Big Daddy Kane - 28 Bars of Kane (prod by Dj Premier)
44 - Nas - The Black Bond
45 - Big Remo feat Royal Flush, Mr Cheeks, Mic Geronimo - Radio 
46 - Public Enemy - 31 Flavors (prod by Gary G-Wiz n BombSquad)
47 - Cymarshall Law - Just To Get A Rep (freestyle) 

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February 8, 2013

DJ JS-1 "Live From the Home of Hip Hop Mix"

DJ JS-1 "Live From the Home of Hip Hop Mix"
(128 minutes long)

I recently did a set for Eddie B Swift's "Mind Trip" show on B-Real from Cypress Hill's Internet TV Station (Breal.Tv). This is the live recording from that show. It was just me going off on two turntables, with no headphones. This is what i call maniac animal style of djaying... lol. I was just going from song to song, break to break and cutting up everything. I wasn't really attempting to mix songs like a usual mixtape, i was just going bezerk. Some of it may be a lil sloppy and some of the quick mixes are slightly off, but the point was not to be neat like i was mixing r&b in a plush club, it was to cut up everything and just have fun doing what i love most... If you do not like tons of scratching and cutting up records, you probably don't want to hear this. Because we were live in the Bronx i felt i should do a set that fit the mood. I played lots of old skool tracks from DST, Mantronix, Jazzy Jay, Crash Crew, Fantasy Three, etc... I mixed in some breaks, some 90's and some special acapella blends. This is what i love to do, and how we represent hip hop culture. I can't thank Eddie B Swift enough for having me come through, and also B-Real for allowing this to happen. You need to check out The EBS show which starts everyday at noon (est) and 9am (pst). He has incredible djays coming through like the legendary inventor of the scratch Grand Wizard Theodore, Mell Starr, to old school Bronx veterans like DJ Chubby Chubb, along with himself tearing it up every show. I was surprised at how many people were viewing when i was on, and how many people were live in the chat room. Good to see people out there who appreciate this style of djaying... I grew up loving this and will never waiver, sell out or lose my integrity. Soo many djays have jumped ship, abandoned hip hop and now play edits of pop-techno-r&b garbage only. It's sad. We try to maintain the culture and never make a mockery of what we love. Shout out to Crazy Legs and the whole Rock Steady Crew, this year the anniversary will be at Central Park, NYC on July 28th, 2013. YES!!! Shout out to DJ Premier and Dj Eclipse who recently did old school sets on their radio shows that got me amped and inspired. They never compromise with their music. Shout out to MixMaster Mike, Dj Muggs, Dj Shortkut, Dj Rhettmatic, AC the Program Director, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse, Dj Skizz, Tony Touch, Evil D and Mr. Walt, Dj Numark, Cut Chemist, Mark Luv, Jazzy Jay, Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambaataa, Skeme Richards and all the other djays who never fake the funk. I hope you enjoy this maniac mix, lol, Live From the Home of Hip Hop...