March 13, 2014



The Halftime Radio Show is a staple in the world of underground/indie hip hop. For over a decade and a half they have provided NYC and the rest of the world with the go-to radio show for the hip hop WE love. There is not many shows like this around the world, and certainly not in the home of hip hop, New York City. It is not a paid gig and not easy to maintain. Every week, no matter what, you can count on them bringing you new music. Over the years they have allowed guest Djays, like myself, and have hosted hundreds of guest MCees ranging from Redman to Homeboy Sandman. Every year they celebrate their anniversary in March with a "super-show", usually involving a guest-list most people would love to be part of. This year, they decided to have different djays, who each in their own way have contributed to true skool hip hop. The line-up, as you can see is quite impressive. It was a fun night, lots of laughs, lots of good music, stories, and jokes. Each DJ played a 15 minute set, and there was 8 djays. At the end is also a quick scratch session. Enjoy the music... 

Also... for djays, go check out my SCRATCH ROULETTE 45 record that is out now Some time around late June i will be releasing another album. The album is called
IT IS WHAT IT ISN'T and features over 30 mcees from Erick Sermon, Buckshot, KRS, OC, and Brother J from XClan to Homeboy Sandman, Torae, Soul Khan, Murs and Fashawn. I'd also like to urge those who love all elements of hip hop, like graffiti, to follow my instagram page. @DJJS1

Now make sure you download the Halftime 16th Anniversary Show for free and keep on supporting indie hip hop, not clowns backed by major distributors and publicists who call themselves "indie." We do this for real...  

Thanks to Dj Eclipse, Petey Cologne, Dj Skizz, and Navani. Shout out to Dj Riz!

New "concept" mixes coming soon to this blog. Look out for them!!!