May 2, 2016


It's been a while since i posted a new mix.  I have filled in for Dj Premier and Eclipse a few times without posting, but here is my mix from this last Friday night's show. I have been doing lots of graffiti murals all over New York City and my time has been taken up by painting. You should check out my Instagram account to see all the artwork. Last year alone I did 125 pieces. (@DJJS1)
After this mix, I will be following up with more new mixes for everyone to enjoy. I have a few in the works now. Stay Tuned... Please share these mixes on your social media. While other DJs are trying to make people pay, I have always given away dozens of my mixes for free. I just want people to hear them. Thanks...

DJ JS-1 Live From HeadQCourterz (4/29/16)

 1 - "Kill the Panda" - Joyner Lucas
 2 - "365" - Craig G feat Buckshot, Ras Kass, Rockness
 3 - "Gotta Do It" - Milano Constantine 
 4 - "The Diary" - J Dilla
 5 - "Any Means" - MC Eight n Spice One 
 6 - "Who Shotcha 2" - Nine 
 7 - "State of Mind" - Lucky Tatt feat Lil Fame 
 8 - "Wait" - Royce Da 5'9" (prod by Jake One)
 9 - "Nobody Speak" - Dj Shadow feat Run the Jewels 
10 - "Still Huggin' A Nut (S.H.A.N.)" - KRS-One 
11 - "Stick Up" - AG Da Coroner (prod by Alchemist)
12 - "Buck Fiftys n Bullet Wounds" - Havoc feat Method Man
13 - "4 Da Block" - D.I.T.C. feat O.C. 
14 - "Still Gettin' Money" - N.O.R.E. feat Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Capone  
15 - "Cosmic Dust" - Ruste Juxx 
16 - "Mr. 2Face" - Meyhem Lauren n Jah Tiger
17 - "Faculty Meeting" - King Author feat Darkstar, Tap Out, Zagnif Nori, Cobra City
18 - "Connect 3" - D.I.T.C. Diamond D, A.G., O.C. n Dj Premier
19 - "Last Man Standing" - Joell Ortiz 
20 - "The Reason" - John Jigg$ 
21 - "How It's Supposed 2 Be" - Truth w Pyscho Les n PF Cuttin'
22 - "Eat Glass" - Illa Ghee
23 - "Mobb Mentality" - Kool Sphere feat Nutso 
24 - "Back To Rap" - Nature (prod by BP)
25 - "High School Shit" - Masta Ace feat Torae n Apocalypse 
26 - "I'm Woke" - Jakk Frost 
27 - "Peace Phife" - Dres feat Red Alert, Chi-Ali, Sadat X 
28 - "Nutshell" - Phife n J Dilla
29 - "Microphone Murderers" - Dj Kay Slay feat Dave East, Papoose, Raekwon
30 - "Born In '87" - D-Stroy n Q-Unique
31 - "It's Cold" - Homeboy Sandman feat Steve Arrington 
32 - "King" - CL Smooth
33 - "Clap Shit Up" - Torae feat Phonte
34 - "Black Hockey Fights" - Da Buze Brovaz 
35 - "Fuck The Police" - J Dilla
36 - "Taught Wrong" - Apollo Ali 
37 - "Darkest Light" - Jakk Frost 
38 - "Queens" - N.O.R.E. feat Royal Flush, Nature, Kool G Rap 


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