DJ JS-1 Video Vault...

Here is a collection of different videos that i myself have posted online and some that other have posted on youtube. 

DJ JS-1 on REGIS and KELLY morning show on ABC:
There has been many strange things on television, but one thing i never thought i would see is myself teaching Regis about scratching and Kelly rapping. Anyways, it was a lot of fun and i'm very happy to have been able to do that. I was very conscious about trying to do what i actually do, yet make it tolerable an fun for a wide audience without selling out. There was no rehearsal which made it a lil more scarier, but it all worked out well. All they told me was that Regis, like myself, likes Dean Martin and that Kelly wanted to rap! The other guests that day were Pamela Anderson with some magician and Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana!) LOL... that makes it even funnier. check this out!!!

DJ JS-1 live on Halftime Radio Anniversary Show (breaks set part 1 and 2)
Dj Eclipse called me and asked me to do the Halftime Anniversary Show with A-trak, Dj Premier, Tony Touch and Evil D. We all did different types of sets. I did a breaks set. Check out both parts which is 20 minutes long in total. This is one of my favorite sets that i did. 

DJ JS-1 cooks pasta and spins breaks live from Crazy Legs' Kitchen!!!!:
Crazy Legs has one of the dopest internet shows called LUNCH BREAKS on ustream.
He has everyone cook lunch and then spin... of course i had to bring the italian style. other have copied since, lol, but at first everyone was making chicken, so we had to switch it up a bit. hahaha. this was a lotta fun. shout out to DSTROY, the co-host and most entertaining guy i know... if you never saw their show, check it out, every week day 1:45pm til 4pm! SLAP SOMEONE!!! 

DJ JS-1 live 2 HOUR BREAKS set on Beatminerz Radio:
Mr. Walt and Evil D asked me to come thru their radio show and rock a set. I did a breaks set and then played some old skool. Nothing was planned, i just dumped a ton of breaks in a crate and cut them up with no headphones.... check it out!

DJ JS-1 GURU Tribute Set live from my house on Memory Lane ustream:
Dj Skizz asked me to do his ustream show, Memory Lane. This was right after Guru had passed away. Being the world biggest Gangstarr fan, i had to do a set for Guru... this 70 minutes is part of the set... Petey Cologne restarted the video at 11min in, so there is a part 1 on memory lane's ustream page if u wanna see first ten minutes... check this set out! REST IN PEACE GURU!!!!

DJ JS-1 and DJ ODY-ROC on Memory Lane Ustream live from my house:
Dj Skizz asked us to do his show. We wanted to just mess around like we usually do and not do a pre-planned set or play songs for 2 hours... So we just cut it up, improvising, doing whatever. Lots of scratching!!!!!! check it out!

DJ JS-1 on Sirius/Xm's Soul Assassin Radio doing an originals set:
The homie Dj Muggs invited me to do his Sirius/Xm radio show called The West Wing. He does the show w Mr Choc, one of the dopest west coast veteran djays... Wake n bake and lots of breaks... check this out! its like 95 minutes of breaks!

DJ JS-1 in L.I.F.E.LONG's video for "Veteran":
Ive worked with LIFELONG a few times and he hd asked me to do some cuts on his single. I was glad to do them and really liked the song. They ended up filming a video at the Methods Store in Brooklyn and i got a chance to be part of it. All this was happening right after Roc Raida passed away, so i had to wear the tribute shirt that DJ Premier had pressed up. Also check out AUDIO TECHNICIAN on youtube with myself, LIFELONG and IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE...

DJ JS-1 live at BB KING's in Times Square, NY for Organized Konfusion Reunion show...
This was one of my favorite nights ever. I loved Organized Konfusion and was soo happy that did a reunion show. I had missed the previous one in NJ, and before that i havent seen them on stage together since a zulu nation anniversary in the early to mid 90's in harlem. We did not film this, someone else did and posted it. 

DJ JS-1 featuring MASTA ACE "What Am I?": 
This video is something i did a few years ago messing around with imovie, the first time i ever even opened it up to see what it does. lol. i mess around putting together a video of all my graffiti pieces that i did. i wrote JERMS for a long time and did a lot of pieces. Check out the video... all my graff and listen to ACE's lyrics...such a brilliant verse.

DJ JS-1 in Shibuya, Japan at Tower Records with Afra:
A few years ago we were in Japan promoting Rahzel's "Greatest Knockouts vol1" album. We did some instore appearances. This footage if from a sound check with myself and Afra, Japan's #1 beatboxer. This was also the first time i used vestax turntables. 

DJ JS-1 live in Germany at the "Battle of the Year":
I wish we had shows like this in New York. This was a whole stadium full of bboys and bgirls excited for breakin', djaying, beatboxin', etc... we need more of this!

DJ JS-1 & RAHZEL in Poland... (THE POLISH WEDDING!!!!!):
One time when we were in Poland being our silly selves as usual, we stumbled upon a wedding going on in our hotel ballroom. We were in the lobby doing interviews and a drunk girl from the wedding came out to invite us in. Of course, no one there knew who we were. It was a hotel wedding in warsaw, poland. lol. So i armed myself with a video camera and followed Rahzel in...
you gotta see this.... look out for the girl who does the robot! Rest in Peace AJILE TURNER... he's the 7 foot dude dancing with the bride. lol....

DJ JS-1 "No Sellout" album release party at SOB's in NYC...
Myself and DJ Premier had a co-album release party for our new albums. It was a fun night with many guest performers. This guy who was there the whole night made this video, which is his basic 10 minute recap of the night. check it out....

DJ JS-1 and MixMaster Mike of the Beastie Boys...
This is random clips of late night insanity on our tour in 2001. Every night after we all performed, we would mess around on stage just improvising. Myself, MMMike, Rahzel, Choclair, Solitair, etc

DJ JS-1 live in amsterdam, netherlands....
This was in amsterdam on or around my birthday in 2000 i think? The quality is so-so, but i really enjoyed doing this set. I cut up LL Cool J's "it gets no rougher" which is one of my top records to cut up. The netherlands is great for soo many reasons. Im not sure if this is the first night we met our holland family or not? I think this was a DMC competition actually? or some dj battle? Check it out...

DJ JS-1 with Roc Raida, Total Eclipse and Rahzel cuttin' it up...
We did a few tours with the X-ecutioners (the Xmen djays). Touring with them was fun because we all had many similar interests, besides weed and records. lol. Most of the sound checks would be a scratch session. That's how it is with Dj Muggs too. We're always messin' around and practicing at sound checks. It's the only free time you get to have on the turntables. In the past ten years, most of my practice comes at sound checks, if that. So this is, Rahzel testing the mic, and myself, GrandMaster Roc Raida, and Total Eclipse trading off scratches. 
REST IN PEACE ROC RAIDA... if you play horrible music, slap yourself and then google raida.

DJ JS-1 on Ready Cee's ustream show 80 minutes of abuse:
Dj Ready Cee invited me to come thru his spot in the bronx and rock some treats on the turntables. it was a fun night.... check it out!!!!!

DJ JS-1 interview w Dj Eclipse by L Boogie:
LBoogie (Lauren) is such a cool person and she loves hiphop. She interviewed myself and dj Eclipse right before Fatbeats closed its doors. Of course i say silly shit... lol

DJ JS-1 and AJILE in Spain... (strong like bull episode!):
As we travel the globe and have some free time in between shows, we like to get out and see the world, experience other cultures, etc... Ajile had always talked about seeing a real bullfight in Spain but there wasn't any bullfights on our day off, soooo... Our friends Carlos and Uri from Spain said they could set up a bullfight with Ajile and a bull. Ajile being the manly man he was, could not refuse. So we set off to see what they had in store... This is that day... LOL...

This was a video montage that i put together for a great friend and our road manager for many years and many adventures. He was killed in a motorcycle accident and died way way too young. He is missed every day by a whole lotta people around the world...